Monday, August 27, 2012

School Times to Remember and Recycling added Bonus!

School Times to Remember and Recycling for all occasions!

I am very fortunate to have several friends who have school aged children. I recognize that our children grow so fast and that many times we turn around and moments have slipped by. So I decided to try my hand at a recycled book project!
This is my 2012 School year Smash Book! I am still adding interiors but wanted a “smashing” cover. I decided to really step outside of my comfort zone and Smash it up!
I started with a trade booklet that was destined for the garbage. I had noticed that the spiral that held it together very easily came off and could be reapplied. So off it came and I started working on my creation.
I love cutting chipboard with my Craftwell’s eCraft. It makes quick and easy work of cutting those cereal and cracker boxes. I use a pressure setting of 7 and no tabs. Quick and easy!
I cut my ABC’s out of Special K Sea Salt Chips box…(I love em.) I next coated them with a pearl 3d paint. I smoothed it out and allowed it to dry before putting some pigment ink on them to give them a metal look.
Love this look, I am so glad that I experimented with this technique I will certainly use it in the future.
I love the metallic look, the photos don’t do it justice as it looks like bronze, copper and brass that has been weathered. Love it.
I used a Studio G brown pigmented ink to antique it.
Next I cut a hard stencil out of chipboard. I wanted the year to be the background. I also used some of the letters to make a raised year title as well.
I layered acrylic paints over the lettering to give it a smeared look.
I love my School Smash Book I am adding pages with envelops, windows and pull out for saving ever important events for this school year. I love looking back and hopefully this will be a treasure to one of my friends as they look back over their child’s school history!
Do you have living history in your family? How many times have I heard, “I wish I had know more about my family’s history but now my “grandma, etc” is gone. Well step up and get your family history first hand. If you have grandparents, heck even parents ask about how it was in the old times (hee hee) you can record or write their experiences down and share with your children or theirs as life goes on. That way you have your own “Ancestory dot com”. Take the time to smell the roses!


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