Monday, November 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn SVGfile

This is a freebie file based on the cover art for Breaking Dawn. You may use it for non-commercial uses, such as your t-shirt and your friends. I do not warranty it nor do I post it as an exact copy of the cover. It is for fun and for you for a limited time.  I would love to have you follow my blog if you would like. Thank you for your visit!



Hope you enjoy it!


Fall Is here and it is so colorfilled!

Fall is Here, Color Everywhere!

So often people think of spring as the season of color. Well coming from a place that is basically green all year round. By the way where I am from we have two seasons Hot and Hotter… When I recently had the fortunate to experience the change of season I was a child again! I ran through my yard with arms filled with gold, purple, and blood red leaves. I carried them around collecting more and more until my arms ached from the load. I was afraid they would blow away unless I collected them.
Well  I tried everything to preserve them but nothing could capture the color, until I realized that I could save them digitally. So take out the camera and save!
Well I want so much to show my Grand-daughter the beautiful colors of fall. I could ship her some leaves, but I decided to make her a little tote that she could carry with her. I decorated it with photos of  my beloved leaves!
I had the best time using both my CraftwellUSA eCraft and my newest love my eBosser for this project. I love them both.  I also used’s 8.5" x 11" Opaque Dark Inkjet Iron On T-Shirt Transfer Paper. This transfer is really great and you can’t see through like other brands.
I used my inkjet printer to make a montage of all of my leaves and then printed out a sheet of them. I was able to cut the lettering out of my eCraft I used a very light pressure setting of two and it worked great for my “Fall”.
Then off to the eBosser to make my leaf shapes. I used thin metal dies made by Sizzix and they work wonderfullly in this machine.
I actually left the dies attached to the card and was able to cut them at one time. I love this so that I don’t misplace a die (I know you never do that right.) I am in love with my eBosser.
Can’t wait to get this in the post for my girl. Well have you gotten your eBosser yet? Please leave me a comment and let me know how you are using yours. I would love to hear from you! Happy Fall! Debi

Magnetic Treasures

Magnetic Treasures!

I was trying to decide which machine to use so I decided to use both my Craftwell eCraft and  eBosser. I love experimenting with them and I am currently working on gift ideas. I decided to make some magnets for my work board. I also considered making barrettes with these little embellishments but lost my bag with the barrettes I had purchased for this.
  •  Bake ‘N Shrink from
  • CraftwellUSA’s eCraft Die Cutting Machine
  • Pumpkin svg from MTC’s Gallery
  • Memories Mist
  • Xyron’s magnetic tape
  • Zing Heat Tool from CraftySteals (one of my favorites)
  • Sizzix label die
  • Craftwell eBosser
I love cutting the Bake N Shrink with my eCraft I set it on a pressure of 7 and no tabs selected. I also cut with out multiple passes. It works very well. I love using my eBosser.
2012-10-18 23.38.44

I used spray adhesive to use the pumpkin cut out as a mask on the film. 
2012-10-18 23.39.31
I sprayed the Memories Mist before shrinking.   I have worked up my color and then use my Zing Heat Gun to shrink my pieces.Remember don’t overly darken your pieces because as they shrink they tend to appear darker.This is so much fun.
2012-10-19 00.56.12
I then used Xyron’s Magnetic tape on back of my pieces. I love the rich color and the way the clarity of the design remained.
Are you looking for table setting ideas? Well join me next week as I share my tablescape with you!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ballerina Slipper Dreams


My Grand-daughter is loving her Ballet class. She is dreaming of her day dancing away. So when I saw SVGcuts new CLARA'S CHRISTMAS EVE SVG KIT right away I saw the Ballet Slippers and had to make them. I also felt that  Carta Bella’s Paris Girl paper really fit the girly girl style I was looking for. So my eCraft and I went to work with some adhesive and ribbon and made some sweet slippers.


2012-11-09 00.00.59-2


The richness of  Carta Bella Paris Girl Paper Package really made my creation come to life.These papers produced a rich looking surface on my slippers. I can’t wait to send them off to her. I know she will hang them in her room and think of Grandma every time she sees them. I love her so.

2012-11-09 00.00.07-1

Please be sure to check out Carta Bella and their beautiful papers!

Have a great week,


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Candy Twist Card

Candy Twist Card

I was in great need of a card and decided to try my had at cardmaking. I  am in  love with Carta Bella Paper. My Craftwell machines, both the eCraft and the eBosser produce such great results with the paper as well. I love the eBosser and its clear and professional embossing.

I used the Peppermint card from SVGcuts’s Clara’s Christmas Eve Kit. I really love making it. I used Carta Bella’s Alphabet Junction paper collection.
2012-11-16 01.47.41
I used a lighter palette of color to achieve my card. I love look of it and hope to make many of them. 
I love the pattern on the twist of the “mint”. The eBosser makes this process so easy on my hands. Many of my friends have asked about its cutting ability and if it would cut a variety of materials. I cheerfully answered YES.
2012-11-16 01.59.01
I used a button for my center embellishment and you will notice a star in the center of it. Well that is a soda can that I used a thin metal die to cut in my eBosser. It is so cool. Did you see the secret message on my card?? Well it is right there…..see the hugs and kisses on the red swirls. I am so glad that Carta Bella has this sweet paper.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!
me to you