Sunday, February 22, 2015

Using Rubber Cement as a mask (frisket) for the eBrush!

So often, like many of you, I use smaller images for my projects. It is hard to cover them to retain color or prevent color from infiltrating in. Well old school methods really work! I use rubber cement put on with a very tiny brush or toothpick with tip crushed. Now make sure that you spread to the edge of your stamped image or color might bleed. Also don’t over-spray near the edge or the color might wick into the paper under the cement.


Next spray your image carefully not to linger long on the edges of the rubber cement. I love using Spectrum Noir markers on my images!


Next comes the reveal! Using a rubber cement pick up (glue runner eraser) I remove gently the rubber cement. It doesn't lift the paper.


Here is my “cleaned image”. Using some techniques to mask areas can really lead to fun and not feeling overwhelmed when image working.