Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 11 -eCrafting a Gift which is eco friendly!


I am like a lot of other people a saver of stuff that looks like it would be good to use for something else. I just love the Blue Bunny Ice Cream containers they look like they are made to recycle!! So for one of my holiday “commit to handmade gifts” projects I decided to make a sewing basket complete with pin cushion!



The first thing that I did was to make a chip board insert to be the base for the padded top. I purchased the fiberfill that I used to stuff the top at a JoAnn’s Store. I also purchased the fabric there as well. This is a non sewing machine sewing project.



My supply list:



These containers are great for putting stuff into. I use them in my craft room (sewing.) I coated the outside of the container with Basics Gesso that I bought at Michael’s. I also bought my big brush there as well. I applied the Gesso so the product image would not been seen through the fabric I picked for the project.


Next step was to make the design I needed to cut out my fabric. I used inkscape and drew my shape and then imported into my eCraft eCraftshop Pro Software. I copied and pasted the image so that it would be evenly spaced so I would not waste any fabric. My files will be available soon!


I next prepared the fabric. I cut it to 12 x 12 inches and starched it. Then I ironed Heat-n-Bond regular weight to it. Since I was not going to sew I used the heavier weigh. I then placed it on a plastic cutting mat ( I can use the full 12 inch length with the use of the sheet) and used painter’s tape to hold it.

Machine Settings are:

  • No tabs
  • Pressure of 3.5
  • cap on cutter
  • used plastic chopping sheet for fabric stabilizer


This cut very nicely on the machine. I love the wonderfully smooth way it cuts fabric. I cut two sheets one of the patterned fabric and one solid. you can see it just about jumps off of the chopping sheet.


Once I removed the sheet from the machine I peeled the paper off of the back and started weaving the strips together.


It was challenging to weave the strips in the same order..


After weaving I heat set the bonding material so that the fabric would then be one piece and not fall apart.



After pressing I think it looks really good!



Once pressed, I cut it to fit the container and used the 3L Adhesive Crafty Power tape to apply the fabric. It was very easy to attached the fabric to the container with it.


IMAG0012 I next put the fiberfill on the top and covered it with the matching solid fabric.


I also used the 3L Adhesive tape for the trim to adhere to the container’s lid. My next step was to design a cut decoration for my gift.


I used the snowflake in Sure Cuts a Lot and then I also made a backing for it with my eCraft. Since I only used cardstock for this embellishment, I cut it on the eCraft. I love the Peachy Keen Stamps and my Snowflake Princess is so cute. She has a metallic mesh background and then a beautiful decorated snow border with bling. I used Colorbox ink to add depth to her face and to the green collar she sits on. I also used eyelets to attach her ribbon to my item.


I can’t wait till she meet her new owner very soon! Happy Holidays! Wait for another gifting idea next week!






Tuesday, November 22, 2011

eCrafting a Ball for Baby


Happy Holidays!

I can’t wait to share this with you! I am in love with what my eCraft cutting system can do! I give it some commands and it helps me make the most beautiful of gifts! I love this beautiful baby soft ball and with the eCraft, and Design by Pink Stamps I created a gift worth of any “ baby boutique.”


I first created the pattern for my ball. I used Sure-Cuts-A-Lot software for my design. I will share this with you on my blog. I was able to get three cuts on each 12 x 12 cloth sheet.


I played with the placement and finally decided to put the “football” shapes one on tope of the other for maximum size and space.


See how smooth the cut!
Now for my secret formula…LOL!



  • pressure 3.5
  • cap on
  • used vegetable cutting sheet stabilizer
  • blade cap on
  • I also checked my blade cap for lint or debris as well.
  • I used no tabs

I base my cut out success with a simply guideline. I use quilting weight woven fabric and starch it and iron it twice. I then cut Reynolds's freezer paper in 12 x 12 squares and iron these on one side of the fabric. I then use painter’s tape to hold this to a plastic veggie chopping sheet. I also always cut a dummy sheet first just to see my placement. I have less waste this way.


The stitching is very easy. I sew two pieces together then I fit one inside of the other and sew them together. I left a small hole in one of the side seams for stuffing. I used a hand stitch to close this after the stuffing is complete. I just stuff it to my personal choice.


I used poly fiber fill or batting for this application. You can buy it in the sewing section of most major chain stores. I used a stick to help push the fibers into the ball.


See how nicely it is shaping up!


For my gift tag, I decided to use my Pink by Design stamp. This Cardinal is so sweet. I stamped her on a piece cardstock and used my Prismacolor pencils to highlight this beautiful design.


I used metallic thread to stitch the cardstock to a green felt tag. and used some ribbon to adore my new gift!



Here it is without all of the trimmings it is pretty and not tiny either it measures about eight inches.


By the way I am not finished with my gifting ideas yet! Join me next week for another great gift idea! Thank you to Design by Pink for the beautiful stamps used in my projects! I love the way we work together!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 9 - eCrafting A Simple Gift Bag with Peek-a-boo Window


With the Holidays coming soon, I am always looking for ways to make those who make my life easier feel special! So for my mail carrier, hair dresser, and even my bank teller, I have a star laden gift bag, to let them know that they mean so much to me!

My eCraft makes the cutting so easy! I love my DesignByPink Stamps for embellishing as well! So let’s get started building this holiday bag!


This bag looks hard but it really is very easy. I bought some linen at my favorite JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Store. I quickly cut strips of five and half inches by eighteen inches. I decided to cut the window on my eCraft Cutting System. First I quickly put a square on my eCraft Pro Software to send to my cutter.


  • Woven Fabric ; such as linen or muslin
  • thread for stitching and a decorative thread for embellishing
  • Pink by Design Stamps for embellishing
  • star laden transparent fabric or your choice for peek-a-boo window.
  • markers for stamp art.
  • ribbon for pulls
  • basic sewing machine
  • safety pin and straight pins
  • painters tape



I used freezer paper on both sides of the fabric and also starched the fabric before applying the freezer paper. I also pinned the long end so that it would not get caught on anything. My machines settings were pressure 3.5, cap on, no tabs. I used the veggie cutting sheet as a stabilizer.


I then cut the corners of the square with diagonal cuts to make the 1/4 inch fold to sew back to make the window.


I then put my 4 x 4 transparent fabric over the window. I pinned the edges and took to the sewing machine.



While my bag was inside out I stamped my wreath image and colored it so that I could see it through the transparent material.


I love the effect that I got from it. I folded up the casing for the drawstring.  I sewed a channel for the ribbon to go into.


Before turning right side out clip the corners of the bottom of the bag off so that you get a sharp corner.


The ribbon pull is easy. Take two 10 inch long pieces of ribbon and feed through the casing leaving the ends of each piece coming out of the opposite sides. Tie knots on the ends and pull!


I love the way my stamp peeks through the star material. I think this bag makes a great statement of Thanks!


I hope that you enjoyed my gift bag creation. Next week I will have another gifting idea for you. I love creating items for you. Please leave me feedback.


Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week–8 Ecrafting a Quilted Dresden Plate “Vintage” Ornament

My Craftwell eCraft affords me a wonderful opportunity to reproduce very quickly items that used to take me forever to hand cut. I love the way that I can set up my machine for a short run of cutting out fabrics for special piecing projects! This time I decided it was time to work on a rather unique Christmas ornament!




I love fabrics and the eCraft does cut my quilting weight cotton very easily. I do mine a little different than most. For fabric without the heat-n-bond backing I use freezer paper.

My method is to starch the fabric and then iron freezer paper on both sides. I only cut it with a 3.5 pressure on the dial. I don’t multicut or use tabs. I also leave the cap on the cutter. I know that it is labor intensive but I get great cuts with this method.


You can see how stiff the three sheets are. I made these 11X11 and the freezer paper 12x12. I try to get all wrinkles out of the paper. I haven’t had any jams or problems with this method.


This is the pattern that I used. It is a simple Dresden Plate quilting template. The template will be available soon.  I cut the design on all three colors of fabric.


You can barely see the cuts but they are there. I just had to pop the shapes out and get busy! You can see how sharp the cuts are not a frayed edge in the bunch. I laid them out for my design order.


Next off to the sewing machine, I carefully stitched the edges together. I did not use a 1/4 inch edge I actually just stitch right at the edge of the shape.


I always iron my sewing project for a more finished look. This is what it looked like after sewing.



I used a decorative stitch down the seam line. I zigzagged the edge to prevent fraying. It was very easy.


Next I decided to add some Holiday Greetings to my “plate”. I love the Pink By Design stamps. They have stamps for every occasion. I love their designs.

I used fabric markers to moisten my stamps for fabric stamping.  I used an iron to set the ink.


I laid out my “plate” for the best position for my stamping. I also used the wreath stamp to decorate the yo-yo I made for the center of my ornament.



Once I stamped the wreath, I used colored pencils to add color to my image. Since it won’t be washed I can use them for this project.


I love the “Vintage” look that I achieved with the combination of some great tools- The eCraft by CraftwellUSA and the wonderful stamps of Design By Pink!


Thank you for coming to see my project this week I look forward to next week’s project. Don’t forget that I will have a video tutorial on Friday. You Wooden want to miss it. I will be showing you had to cut something you won’t believe!