Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Blog Hop!

Spring 2012 Bunny Blog Hop

Spring is when we turn to renewal!

Welcome to the

"Bunny" Blog Hop!

Join with Craftwell's eCraft Design Team to celebrate this wonderful Spring season. ! Spring is filled with so much and one of my favorite Holidays! EASTER! The holiday filled with traditions and chocolate, how wonderful is that? Remember that the hop starts at Kim Gaughan’s blog,click on the link below and you can have your starting point. ! If your are following the hop you have arrived to my blog from Nicola Jolliffe’s Blog.

Here is the full Hopper’s list! Have fun!!

Kim Gaughan

KimberlyRae Forde

Lois Hale

Claire Hamer

Jazmin Gibbons

Nicola Jolliffe

Debi Tullier

Denise O’Connor


Welcome to my blog . My project for the hop is this fun slice-form basket which tops a round gift box.. I made it from a SVGcuts set. The slice-form basket was from a website called Extreme Papercrafting.  I Love the way the eCraft cuts these designs and  I also used my favorite card stock from eCraft Diecutable Cardstock from The PaperMill Store. The pattern paper was from an assortment of papers from JoAnn's Fabrics.


I used a cardstock stablilizer and pressure of 3.5, No tabs were set. I also used fiscar’s  Texture plates for the texture on the basket!


I love putting together the slice-form designs they are like putting together a  puzzle.


The basket was so cool to put together. I felt that I needed more hands, but when the slots locked together it held. Love this.


I dislike raw edges even on paper. So just like when I sew I used bias tape to cover the box edge. You can see the darker brown around the edge of the box lid. This not only covered the seam but added a richness to the box that I hope you can see in the photos.

I also used elmer’s quick dry paper glue for the edges. I love this project and it is a gift for a friend. I hope she too will like it.

There are giveaways  along the way to Craftwell’s blog so enter and win!  REMEMBER  you want to complete the blog because there is a great giveaway  at the end…….HOP HOP

Your Next Hop Spot is

Denise O’Connor

At Purple Paper Paradise

If you missed it the first site in the hop is

Kim Gaughan


Good Luck and keep on Hopping .visit CraftwellUSA website!!


Hop Along and See you next week!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Head Band

Easter Head Band

I love Spring and Easter and all of the frills and blooms that go with it. So I decided to try my hand at a cute blooming head band to frame a sweet face. My version has three different frills to be removed and used as wanted.



This is a very easy project. I just used some wonderful sparkly fabric and gathered it by hand or you could use a sewing machine. I used a small snap on the back to attach it to the headband. You don’t have to make a band as I did you can use a premade band from any store.

My favorite part was cutting the shapes out on my eCraft! This Bake ‘N Shrink cuts so easily with my machine. I even used it to write the Happy Easter on my Egg! So EASY!



It writes so easy and does it before it cuts.

Once I finished cutting out my shapes, I used my Prismacolor markers to color them. I love using Bake ‘N Shrink.

I used my Ranger Heating Pan to shrink and glaze my Easter Shapes.



Just think about how easy this would be to make head band blossoms for any day!

Don’t forget to join us at our Spring Hop!!

Looking forward to see you there!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Craftwell: Bunny Blog Hop!

Craftwell: Bunny Blog Hop!: Spring Blog Hop! Mark your calendars!  Join our bunny blog hop this weekend, (March 31-April 1st) The fun starts here: Here is the l...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Darling Bunny Egg Onesie

Easter Decorated Onesie

I have so much fun making unique gifts for others. I was trying to think of a appropriate gift to give a baby girl who is still quite young. I found one of the cutest designs and love the way it turned out..too bad I am too old for a onesie…LOL!

Here is my project!


I love the egg shaped bunny and found it or at least the svg file I used to cut with from Miss Vickie’s Crazycraze Blog. I love this simple design. I can see it used on all types of items. Bags, shirts, etc. Love it!


pressure of 2 and no tabs.

  • eCraft Pro Software
  • Plain Onesie purchase at local store
  • Inkjet Opaque Print & Cut (this is a way to transfer your images to dark fabric) LOVE IT…
  • Printer to print color blocks to cut the opaque Print & Cut
  • Iron and Ironing pad from JoAnn's Fabrics
  • Some pink quilting weight cotton and Heat n Bond  from JoAnn's Fabrics
  • Parchment paper to use over creation to iron without damage.

This project is super simple and fun. It also looks really nice when finished.  I brought my Svg image into the Ecraft Pro Software and started building the layers which quickly became my bunny.

I chose the Pink fabric for the body and ears because of its color. The eye’s, nose, and mouth were cut out of the Inkjet Opaque Print & Cut. I printed the color I needed and then quickly cut it out. NO problem! I also cut out the bunny tail and eye whites from the Opaque Print & Cut. It was quick and easy and yet looks very nice.


Deciding on placement! Not hard at all.

I used my iron without steam set on the Silk setting, No steam or high heat. It came together beautifully. I will be happy to place this in the basket that EB brings, I hope he doesn’t mind!


I sure hope this will be enjoyed as I surely enjoyed making it!

See you at the Spring Blog! Happy Spring to all!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bunny is Coming!

The Bunny is Coming!

I know that I am a Bake 'N Shrink fiend. I love this stuff, I can’t help but find reasons to make fun things with it. I was thinking about a different gift for my Grand-daughter and a carrot necklace for Easter came hopping into my mind.


I know that she will love it as we all love our Carets….OOOPS wrong one. Well we do love Carrots as well. She will love this little Monogrammed Carrot pendant. The Bunny also says it it very light to hop around with!


A very easy project. I first cut the Bake’N Shrink out with my eCraft cutter. It really does cut nicely with the ecraft machine.  IMG_4973 

I then quickly took my Prismacolor markers and shaded my “carrot” I used the cute letter stamps to personalize the carrot. I am such a big kid when it comes to shrink it. I love to watch it bend and twist and then shrink and turn flat again.

Once I finished shrinking it I decided it needed a very shiny finish. I have just received my Ranger’s Melting Pot and put some of the UTEE into it. It melted almost instantly. I placed the pendant into the liquid UTEE and voile! there it was a mirror glaze on my cute pendant. I held it over the pot until it was dry and not dripping. I love the way it looks and feels, more importantly I can’t wait for my Grand-daughter to open the “egg” which contains it to see her beautiful face light up.

Happy Spring it is Sprung!!!

Much more to come!

Hugs to all, Debi

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Puzzling Gift Idea!

Puzzling Gift Idea is quick and easy with  Bake 'N Shrink  and Craftwell’s eCraft Die Cutting Machine!

I am so excited and feel like a kid again with this great Bake ‘N Shrink medium! It is one of the funniest things to play with. It cuts very easily with my eCraft and has many different uses! I chose to make some puzzling earrings for my friend. She is a puzzle fiend and loves earrings.

Here is my quickie present!


I used my Bake ‘N Shrink from

I used a puzzle piece svg  that I happened to have

Jewelry findings from JoAnn's Fabrics

Stewart Superior - Classic Metallic Memories Mist - Open Stock Classic Orange Metallic from
Stewart Superior - Memories Mists 2oz. Bottles Open Stock Margarita from

I used my eCraft Pro Software to send my svg to my purple machine! It quickly cut out my design. I next sprayed my puzzle pieces with Memories Mist and popped a hole in the end. I took my Zing heat gun and shrank the pieces. I quickly put the earring findings on and there you go a fast gift!!


This is so much fun!!!



Now don’t forget to watch eCraft on HSN on March 11! You will see some great projects there!

Have a great week! See you next week,


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brag Bag


So many times I have a need for a zippered bag. So many times I reach for photos of my sweet babies so this little project brings both together! I am in Love!!!

I have found products that allow me to customize my sweet little bag and really create a sweet memory  and brag bag!!! By the way if you are not a sewer you can still use my favorite products to create your own brag bag.  Very simple purchase a ready made cloth zippered bag.  See them often in the school supply area.

Lets get started….





The project was really quite easy. I first decided on the photo that I wanted to use. I used a photo editor to size it and add a frame to it. I then printed it out. I quickly cut it out with my eCraft as a rectangle shape very fast and easy. I  used  #1 pressure and not tabs. I used the film side up, and basically kiss cut it.


To apply to fabric you set your iron to cotton setting and then place a piece of parchment paper and then iron gently for 20 seconds and then with firm pressure again for another 20 seconds. Wait till cool to take the parchment paper off.


Zipper installation is easy too. (it really is) Just lay face down like in above photo.  Sew on the upper edge, Then fold fabric in half and place zipper on other side and sew it. Turn inside out and then the next step is to sew the sides.  I use a plastic zipper so that I can sew thru it. I sew on the inside of the zipper in the front of the metal clip (DO NOT SEW WILL BREAK NEEDLE IF YOU RUN OVER METAL) over the plastic teeth. Then I clip off the extra zipper material. Will post a link later for sewing the zipper.

Next I used my eCraft to cut out the Bake and Shrink. I love this stuff not like the shrinking film but more like a thin clay type of result when shrunk. I love it, it is my new favorite thing. I can do so much with it. It cut out using #6 pressure and I did tape it to a sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock so it would not move sideways. I colored it with stamps and Berol Prismacolor markers. and then I took the plunge..


it is a little over 2 inches here..


first time I did this I was so scared it would get stuck…


then it relaxed..


see the size reduction about 3/4 shrinkage. You can also mold it to shape while hot.


I love this stuff…


Now when I am with my friends and want to brag a little…..I got my bag!!!

I love having fun with you! Wait till next week I have some Jeweled ideas to share with you!