Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Altered Christmas Jean!

I loved crafting a special item for Jean Moore the wonderful energy filled force behind AlteredPages! Jean is filled with so much positive ideas for women. She knows how far we have come and that this is really only the beginning. I used one of altered pages collage sheets to show a young female factory worker in the sweat shop pausing for a moment to reflect on the Dream! I hope that we all continue the journey and pursue our dreams of equality, equal pay and enjoyment of many of the rights that our ancestors fought  for women.
I used chipboard for my base. I coated it with white gesso from AlteredPages. I used a stamp from one of the Box o' Rubber from AlteredPages. I also used the Antique Sewing collage sheet from AP. I used my on hand eBrush to do the red tint and the oversprayed it with the black marker. I used an on hand wand stamp. The glitter effect was created by using some glitter mixed with Art Anthology Crystals from AlteredPages. I used another on hand stamp for the word dream but used my Delicata silver stamp pad and also my favorite StazOn jet black ink pad! I used an on hand adhesive for all. I then coated with a layer of Crystal Lacquer waiting tilll it thicken and drawing my brush through it for brush strokes!I added some gel pen color to make the focal areas of interest as well.

I love the cool products that AlteredPages carries. The products make my expression of art so much fun!

Jean thank you so much for all and I hope that you enjoy your book!

You can see all of the links for the pages in Jean's book here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Snow Globe Tag!

Altered Snow Globe Tag!

I have always bought my mom Snow Globes for her Christmas present. She loves them so. Unfortunately hurricanes took away her home and also her large collections of Snow Globes. So I make this fun tag for her! I know that she will treasure it, It will have a double meaning to us both. I hope that your holidays are filled with love and caring. I hope you enjoy my post!
Here is the video link to my creative process:

I love Alteredpages and would love a gift certificate or present from them! If you are like me don’t forget to leave your list out so others can find it. Have wonderful and happy Holidays!
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