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Back to School Blog Hop!

Welcome to Craftwell’s Back to School Blog Hop!

How would you like to win an eCraft, well it can happen!!! Hop along to all of our sites and see the great Back to School Ideas, and at the end of the trail you can visit Craftwell’s site and register to win a Craftwell eCraft Die cutting machine. There are also SVG to be given away! So Hop along and see what is ahead..but be sure to check out each blog in the Hop
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Here we go! Here is an idea for a locker or desk

In our family and also our friends’ families as well photos rule the day. Our young people love taking photos of each other and displaying them as well. We are always looking for ideas to find ways to make picture hanging simple, fun, and inexpensive, but still looking so good!
So I have come up with a quick photo frame that can be hung in the locker or displayed on a desk with room permitting.
2012-08-27 00.58.00
This was so much fun to make I used chipboard from cracker and cookie boxes to make my frame. I love the idea that the photos can be easily slid out or in for a change of focus. I also have an easel for quick standing or you can use a 3M Command strip for hanging in your locker! You can change the photos as you want!
My Craftwell eCraft made a great “postage” stamp frame for my photo holder. It was cut with a pressure of 7 and multicut 2. I cut two pieces and used a water based glue to attach them to each other. I then painted it with acrylic paint.
2012-08-26 23.30.422012-08-26 23.30.58
I used the chipboard again to make a quick easel to stand my frame. Just remember you can also use the command strips as well.
2012-08-27 00.57.34
I love how easy and fun it is to make embellishments for my projects as well. Here I used the Craftwell Pro Software to weld my numbers together, then I added a shadow for a dramatic and yet fun embellishment!
2012-08-26 23.32.49
I also used a folder to give a slight bit of texture to my Bazzill cardstock frame. I used a photo protector to make the “envelope” which protects the photos from scratches and such.
Just think of how much fun and how many “frames” can fill the inside of a locker door. I am looking forward to helping out with some cute holiday frames and also to share my “stuff” and see what my young friends come up with!
Now just remember that there are other sites to hop along to, your next hop is
then it is off to the main Craftwell site to gather some free svg files as well as a chance to win an eCraft!
Looking forward to seeing you next week!!
Hope that every day is a wonderful one!

Back to School 2012

Something for the School Nurse!

I know that school is starting all over. Many are other there getting the school spirit. Well there are many people who support the children at school. So when all the kids go back sometimes the School Nurse is very busy!
So for our local School Nurse I thought I would make her a stress reliever! I started with a cigar box. (it was given to me a long time ago and has been aired out for a long time.
a lidded box
vinyl for covering the box and for lettering
solid cardstock
a nurse’s cap svg and also an apple svg
felt for the interior
my Craftwell eCraft Die Cutter
and some treats!
I covered the box with some stone textured vinyl. It was very easy.
Next I lined the inside with felt. I used Elmer’s spray  adhesive to attached it. It really  looks nice.
Next I used my eCraft to cut out my images for the top of my box. I used cardstock and a pressure of 6 with no stabilizer.
It cut very crisply.
I also cut my letters from vinyl and used them to personalize my box! I know she will enjoy it. I know that every year she starts school with all kinds of kid nuisance ills and hopefully this will make her laugh some! Something extra is the sweet treat inside!
080220123485 - Copy
I hope that 2012 is a great year for learning and discovery for all of us! Happy New School Year!

School Times to Remember and Recycling added Bonus!

School Times to Remember and Recycling for all occasions!

I am very fortunate to have several friends who have school aged children. I recognize that our children grow so fast and that many times we turn around and moments have slipped by. So I decided to try my hand at a recycled book project!
This is my 2012 School year Smash Book! I am still adding interiors but wanted a “smashing” cover. I decided to really step outside of my comfort zone and Smash it up!
I started with a trade booklet that was destined for the garbage. I had noticed that the spiral that held it together very easily came off and could be reapplied. So off it came and I started working on my creation.
I love cutting chipboard with my Craftwell’s eCraft. It makes quick and easy work of cutting those cereal and cracker boxes. I use a pressure setting of 7 and no tabs. Quick and easy!
I cut my ABC’s out of Special K Sea Salt Chips box…(I love em.) I next coated them with a pearl 3d paint. I smoothed it out and allowed it to dry before putting some pigment ink on them to give them a metal look.
Love this look, I am so glad that I experimented with this technique I will certainly use it in the future.
I love the metallic look, the photos don’t do it justice as it looks like bronze, copper and brass that has been weathered. Love it.
I used a Studio G brown pigmented ink to antique it.
Next I cut a hard stencil out of chipboard. I wanted the year to be the background. I also used some of the letters to make a raised year title as well.
I layered acrylic paints over the lettering to give it a smeared look.
I love my School Smash Book I am adding pages with envelops, windows and pull out for saving ever important events for this school year. I love looking back and hopefully this will be a treasure to one of my friends as they look back over their child’s school history!
Do you have living history in your family? How many times have I heard, “I wish I had know more about my family’s history but now my “grandma, etc” is gone. Well step up and get your family history first hand. If you have grandparents, heck even parents ask about how it was in the old times (hee hee) you can record or write their experiences down and share with your children or theirs as life goes on. That way you have your own “Ancestory dot com”. Take the time to smell the roses!


A Little Quiet Time to Light the Way

Quiet Time Lantern

I just have to share how wonderful and how much I enjoy my weekly crafting class. I love the participants and they seem to enjoy our time and projects together. Most of them didn’t even know that you could make dimensional items with paper. It was really a thrill for them the first time we made even a simple box. So this time we made lanterns. I was so glad that my eCraft allows me to load a stack of cardstock in the back and cuts a bulk batch for me. I am able to cut my twenty-five pieces without having to reload my Craftwell’s eCraft!
Well to make a long story short we made our beautiful lanterns which were scooped up and taken to a health fair to promote our class. Low and behold someone (a teacher) saw them and called and begged me to make her one. She wanted one for her class room. She said that so often she would have to remind her students that she needed them to have some quiet time. If I could make her a “lamp” that she could place on her desk she would not have to keep reminding them.
Our supply list is very simple for this project. I used a lantern svg from SVGcuts . I also used eCraft Diecutable Mulit-Colored Card Stock from the Paper Mill Store. I also used some dies for the flowers and some vellum from Sam’s Club. I used Elmer’s quick drying glue too. I also used some colorblox inks and some great pearl paint too!
I did edit the lantern file by removing the flower swash and inserting the “Quiet Time” lettering. She loved it. I also put plain vellum squares on the side so that I could add embellishments she enjoys like the dragon fly and the apple.
My favorite addition was the posy. I can’t wait to get the eBosser so that I can churn out large quantities of this die in fabric as well as cardstock and chipboard!
Thank you eCraft for making my craft time fun and also for helping me share my love of crafting with others!
These beautiful lanterns were made with love by the Hardin County Senior’s Group! They love cutting with my eCraft!
Just remember there are many people out there that might be inspired by your crafting skills. Sharing means so much and the feeling you get is so wonderful!
See you at the “Back to School” Hop! Come on Craftwell’s eBosser!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trains, Trains, Trains!

Hobbies, Hobbies, Hobbies!

I am so very lucky to be married to a man who can design and build almost anything. I can’t begin to tell you about all of the neat thread holders, knitting machine stands and even sewing machine tables with multiple inserts  for all of my machines that he as built for me. He also built my custom bathroom with a tiled shower stall next to my whirlpool tub. So when he asked me for a favor could I turn him down…NO!!!!
My husband has a love for trains. All trains but mostly his HO-Scale ones. He has a room devoted to them and he actually builds beautiful little buildings and functioning turntables and such.  He had bought some blank freight cars (box cars) and wanted to get decals for the sides. He asked if I could create decals for the sides of his cars. Well talk about worried as I didn’t want to let him down. But these things  are so very tiny but my Purple eCraft was a champ in cutting out a “decal” for them!
At first glance you probably are wonder what I am talking about so here it is.  This is a boxcar kit. It is a blank car and using decals you make the line that you want. So I got to work on making my design.
I first found the logo’s on the web and brought them into MTC software and did a pixel trace on them to make my cutting file. It was the first time for me to attempt something this tiny. I am very pleased with my outcome. My eCraft really met the task with flying colors!
This is a very tiny vinyl cut out of my “Shock Control” lettering. I was so nervous about weeding it. I used my Craftwell Vinyl for the job as well! Love that vinyl.
To give you an idea  of how tiny we are talking about. I still can’t believe that I cut something that tiny. I am awed by my eCraft .
This is another tiny logo I am working on. See how tiny it is see how clean the lettering is…WOW. I used a brand new blade and also the lightest pressure setting on my machine. I did not use a stabilizer just the vinyl with its backing paper.

See how little the letters are. It was so much fun but had to wear magnifiers to see it.
Here I used a Studio G sepia inker to antique my “decal”. I bought it from Michael’s. I am so happy that I could do this for my husband. He always does so much for me!

See how nice it “fits” in. He built all of the builds in the background with popsicle sticks. Wild huh?
I am so thankful that I have such a fun family! Remember sometimes we can take the step to use our “crafty stuff” to help out and make someone else’s ideas come to life.
I hope that your Summer is a blast. Don’t forget to leave me a note about your “odd” projects.
See you next week!
Chant for the week…”eBosser, eBosser…”

A Little Ring Sounds so Sweet

Time for a Little Treat for Me!

I love Electric Squirrel PolyShrink Film and decided to try something new. I had purchased a book on making jewerly with PolyShrink and decided to jump right in. I love the look and feel of my new ring. It is so easy to make, thanks to the Craftwell eCraft  and of course the Polyshrink film
2012-07-19 17.35.05
I love cutting this film on my eCraft. I used no tabs and a setting of 7. I also used a 2 multicut on it.  I taped the sheet onto a plastic chopping sheet and cut away.

2012-07-19 13.44.48
I cut a bunch as I am going to also make a charm for my purse zippers. I am working on quilted purses and thought this would be adorable as a zipper pull. You can see how clean my cut is.
2012-07-19 00.51.40
Here I experimented with markers and didn’t like the outcome, so out come my colored pencils. I also sanded the flower before I  colored it.
2012-07-19 17.09.32
Here are some of the “flowers” you might see why I selected the pencil version.  I really like it subtle colors and lightness.
2012-07-19 17.09.09
Here you can see I am ready to create a bunch! I love this and it is so much fun. By the way right after the flower has shrunk I use a pencil that has not been sharpened to form the flower. So easy!
2012-07-19 17.12.14
I used some brass wire to form a ring to attach my floating posy to.  Please share some of your uses of “Shrink Plastic film” with me via the comment section. I would love to visit your blog and see what you have done or wish to!
2012-07-19 17.35.27
My eCraft makes the fun everyday for my creative outlet! Why don’t you come on board with one of the great Craftwell products like the eBosser or the eCraft. By the way check out all of the great product information video’s that my fellow DT friend created about the Craftwell eBosser. I love it and her videos make me want one more and more!
See you next week!