Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cancer Blackout Party

Cancer Blackout Party Novelty

Black out cancer
Our community is having a “Cancer Blackout Party” we are all going to a party to raise funds for the fight against cancer. I decided to get all dressed up for the occasion starting with my cell phone.
I am known for wearing my cell phone on a neck leash and decided it need a little dressing up. Right now Moustaches are all the craze so my phone decided to let it grow…
This was super easy and fun. My eCraft love cutting fabric so we got busy with some free downloadable svg files. Online in any search engine just put in Moustache SVG file and you will get so many choices. I also found a “witches feet” svg which I blacked out and used for my fine dressing…The top hat was also a find.
My eCraft settings were no tabs and a pressure of 6.
I used Wonder Under from Walmart on back of my fabrics. I also use a thin vinyl for the front and a piece of Sherpa for the backing.
I used a Veggie chopping sheet from Dollartree for my stabilizer under the fabric. It held my fabric in place so that I could cut it accurately.

My Cuts are so cute. I love the Moustache ang the legs too! I hope that everyone gets a kick out of it at the party!
This is the sherpa that I selected for the inside. It is soft and will keep my phone’s camera lens safe.  I also used a 3mm vinyl to keep the moisture and yet allow me to push the buttons thru it.  I cut my pieces 4 x 8 inches.
I layered all together and put the feet upside in the inside so that when sewn they would hang below the pouch. I used a webbed lanyard to make my neck strap. I love my dress up phone! Just remember if there is a “Black OUT Cancer Party” in your area the proceeds go to fight cancer. Cancer is something we need to find a cure for so that no one loses someone that they love to it anymore!
Please join me in the fight against Cancer!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scraps are still Important!


Well having a paper crafting class every week sure does produce a lot of scrap paper pieces.  Much of my leftovers are very small. Instead of throwing them away I used one of our weekly projects to help me organize. I am so glad that my Craftwell eCraft cuts a stack of paper from the rear feed unit. I am able to cut all of our weekly projects in one fell swoop!
This is a stack of over 25 scrap pages left over from my “Class Projects”. I am so glad to be able to find a use for all of those tiny pieces. I use them to make tiny embellishments with my eCraft and also for other purposes, including notes and many other things.
I love my “Scrap Box” I take it with me to class and home and it helps me to remember to cut my trash up and throw away less!
I love cutting out large amounts of projects at one time. I sit down and score all of the folds as my machine proceeds with the cuts. I feel like we are working together to get this done.
After I scored the boxes I place all of the pieces for each project together and clip them so that my group can pick out the pattern that they want to make. I try to make several different patterns and also some solids so that they have many options.
I love this Tea Bag Box it is very easy to put together and beginners quickly feel accomplished with their project and that helps  us tackle harder stuff.
I want to thank Craftwell for helping me bring creativity and fun to my Senior Center Class. They really love the eCraft!
Next week, I am dusting off the fabric. It is time to get that sewing machine a humming….wait till you see what we can accomplish together!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Spring Fling UTEE Flower Embellishments

Spring Fling UTEE Flower Embellishments

Well having a love of flowers has lead me to experiment with making paper flowers  a little bit more lasting. I have seen so many lovely flower projects. I decided to try to coat my flower with UTEE to see if I could use them for other use such as earrings, buttons, and other uses. I love paper now and love the looks of it. (especially the Signify Pink paper packs) So I began my experiment.
  • Craftwell eCraft Die Cutting System
  • Signify Pink Glimpses Spring Fling
  • SVGcuts Bachelor Button File
  • Ranger Melting Pot
  • Ranger Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
  • Thread and a needle
  • metal stylus for handling hot media
Just a reminder..
SignifyPink – Glimpse’s paper line is the best. They are selling out on some of their best paper packs and accessories right, so get on over to their site Right NOW!
Wholesalers - Don’t have a wholesale account yet? They’ll get you set up and fast!
First I cut out my flower files. I love how quickly the Craftwell eCraft cuts out my projects and allows me time to play with my projects.
I used the Melting Pot to melt the UTEE. I was so excited to see how to make it work. I have laminated fabric and so this is just as exciting to me.
First thing was a huge mistake. I made up my flower and dipped it into the UTEE. It made a gloppy mess. Not the separate petals I wanted only a mass of UTEE on the paper pom pom I created.
I decided to try it layer by layer and it worked!! I formed the petals after dipping each layer in the UTEE.
2012-01-02 22.48.57
I used some heavy cotton thread and a large hand needle to construct my layers into flowers. That way I could use them in sewing and jewelry projects easily.

2012-01-02 23.01.45

Now I have some beautiful moisture resistant blossoms to use in my projects. I love them. I will keep you posted on how I use them in up and coming projects.
See how beautiful the lumpy one is on the craft table top the ones on the paper are so beautiful you can barely see the UTEE on them. I can’t wait to use them.
Hope your Summer is filled with fun and love,

Happy Father’s Day and Much More

Father’s Day Wishes for All

Well here it is again another great celebration and I have so much to share. I am delighted to make a card for my Husband. He is a great father and husband. He is my crafting cheerleader as well. My project this week is two-fold,  I made not only a card using the wonderful Pages of Honor a collection from Glimpses by SignifyPink. Please check out their great collection of cardstock. They are selling out their current stock.
  • Father’s Day Popup Card from Susan BlueRobot
  • Craftwell Ecraft Die Cutting Machine
  • A Sheet of solid colored cardstock
  • Signify Pink’s Glimpses “Pages of Honor
  • xyron 5 inch stamp creator or adhesive of your choice
  • Stickles – Gold
  • Chipboard Stars
I really believe that this is pretty self easy and yields a very nice and cute card. I love the Popup effect.  I used a pressure setting of 6 and a new blade. I also set to no tabs. I used my MTC software for this project. I normally use the Ecraft Pro Software however. I cut the main insert and then placed it in the Xyron Stamp Creator. I next placed it on the base card. Quick and easy which is what I had to have since I worked all last week on my Relay for Life event. I was a worker for two tween girl captains. (you know I did all of the prep for the food and they served and helped) I was totally crazy. I got up and started at about 6 am Friday morning with my Senior Craft Class and then off to the event and I stayed over night till 10:00 am. I learned never give a class on the day before you stay up all night long to work a Relay. I wanted so much to share this with you. My new love is my Class. The Craftwell Ecraft has really proved itself as a great tool for my class. I was able to cut out 25 lacy boxes (SVGcuts) for our class. I had the battery tea lights for all. I put all of my paper in the automatic feeder and set it up and it worked away to make the cuts I needed. The ladies and men love it. It is so easy for them to use. Most are new to any crafting and are just staring as it works away. I was so please as they glued away and gave most away to a local nursing home. I am hoping to have a larger project this week.
Needless to say I was exhausted after all of this, but it was so worth it.
I just want to ask all you, if you have the opportunity take the time to share your craft. Many people are not aware or not fortunate to have the resources to have items we have. It is so much fun to share. They have already decided to look into Holiday items to be given as gifts to local nursing homes and also for some of the kids in the area. Thank you so much to Craftwell and also to SVGcuts for helping me to give in my community! You would not believe how happy and excited making these lanterns made my participants!
Happy Father’s Day!

Grandma’s Flower Power

Grandma’s Flower Power

Well my Girl is here and we are having a crafting fun fest. My grand-daughter, Reilee is a princess or at least she dresses all the time in princess grab. So we have had a Royal Crafting Day.
It was very nice to have a machine that could quickly cut out our projects so that we could get started fast. My princess loves to craft but her attention is quickly used up. So this was fun and quick.
We decided to create a blossom arrangement for her mom!
My Craftwell’s eCraft die cutting machine helps make our paper crafting experience fun. Also  SignifyPink – Glimpse’s paper line is the best. They are selling out on some of their best paper packs and accessories  right, so get on over to their site Right NOW!
Wholesalers - Don’t have a wholesale account yet?  They’ll get you set up and fast!

We used two paper packs filled with beautiful sheets, one was “Life is a Party” and the other was a beautiful Black and White medley called “Sweetly Chic”. We took a flower from the Craftwell Fundamentals 1 Card. and used some floral wire and leaves.
We made a vase using the “Sweetly Chic” and an Acorn file that we used as a vase and base. The file can be found here. I also used tiny brads to hold the paper folds in place.
We used a setting of 5 and no tabs selected. It cut very nicely and we got our project together. I love crafting with Reilee. I am hoping that one day she will want to pursue crafting and having fun!
We are working on our fourth of July craft right now. It will blow your socks off Reilee says!
Happy Summer,