Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scraps are still Important!


Well having a paper crafting class every week sure does produce a lot of scrap paper pieces.  Much of my leftovers are very small. Instead of throwing them away I used one of our weekly projects to help me organize. I am so glad that my Craftwell eCraft cuts a stack of paper from the rear feed unit. I am able to cut all of our weekly projects in one fell swoop!
This is a stack of over 25 scrap pages left over from my “Class Projects”. I am so glad to be able to find a use for all of those tiny pieces. I use them to make tiny embellishments with my eCraft and also for other purposes, including notes and many other things.
I love my “Scrap Box” I take it with me to class and home and it helps me to remember to cut my trash up and throw away less!
I love cutting out large amounts of projects at one time. I sit down and score all of the folds as my machine proceeds with the cuts. I feel like we are working together to get this done.
After I scored the boxes I place all of the pieces for each project together and clip them so that my group can pick out the pattern that they want to make. I try to make several different patterns and also some solids so that they have many options.
I love this Tea Bag Box it is very easy to put together and beginners quickly feel accomplished with their project and that helps  us tackle harder stuff.
I want to thank Craftwell for helping me bring creativity and fun to my Senior Center Class. They really love the eCraft!
Next week, I am dusting off the fabric. It is time to get that sewing machine a humming….wait till you see what we can accomplish together!

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