Friday, July 6, 2012

Grandma’s Flower Power

Grandma’s Flower Power

Well my Girl is here and we are having a crafting fun fest. My grand-daughter, Reilee is a princess or at least she dresses all the time in princess grab. So we have had a Royal Crafting Day.
It was very nice to have a machine that could quickly cut out our projects so that we could get started fast. My princess loves to craft but her attention is quickly used up. So this was fun and quick.
We decided to create a blossom arrangement for her mom!
My Craftwell’s eCraft die cutting machine helps make our paper crafting experience fun. Also  SignifyPink – Glimpse’s paper line is the best. They are selling out on some of their best paper packs and accessories  right, so get on over to their site Right NOW!
Wholesalers - Don’t have a wholesale account yet?  They’ll get you set up and fast!

We used two paper packs filled with beautiful sheets, one was “Life is a Party” and the other was a beautiful Black and White medley called “Sweetly Chic”. We took a flower from the Craftwell Fundamentals 1 Card. and used some floral wire and leaves.
We made a vase using the “Sweetly Chic” and an Acorn file that we used as a vase and base. The file can be found here. I also used tiny brads to hold the paper folds in place.
We used a setting of 5 and no tabs selected. It cut very nicely and we got our project together. I love crafting with Reilee. I am hoping that one day she will want to pursue crafting and having fun!
We are working on our fourth of July craft right now. It will blow your socks off Reilee says!
Happy Summer,

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