Friday, December 23, 2011

Ecrafting the New Year with Style!


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all of you! This week’s project is one for celebrating the evening. I decided it was time for some beautiful glass ware for my holiday table!


I know that many people etch glass but I decided to take it a step further and do reverse etching. I made my pattern so that the etching crème was brushed around the positive versus the outline of the design.

It made for an interesting look as well.


First the software to design and the download my images and text to the machine. I love eCraft Vinyl it is so easy to cut.


Time to place the crowns and text on the stemware. I used tape and a grease pencil for placement of my images.


I am now ready to coat the glass with the Armour Etch Crème. I know that the bottle recommends a very short length of time but I have found for my purposes that longer is better. I can only tell you that I have tested the crème on all of the glass I use it on and use a watch to determine how long to leave it on. For this project I left a heavy coat for 45 minutes. I love the effect that I got.


See how heavy the coat is. I really shook it up well and coated it till it was opaque.

This is my base.


As I waited for it to etch to my desired outcome . I played with my Snowies and made one to watch over my Celebration Glass!




Well my time is up and I have rinse the crème off. I am so pleased with the outcome. It is like I have a new Glass. Just like getting a “New Year”. It is time to reflect and get your motivation ready for what is to come! Life is to come and I am ready to be excited for each and every day that I am given! Happy New Year to all and many more for all as well!!!




Let’s make 2012 the best yet!!!!

Ecrafting A Tree fill with Christmas Spirit!

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time in my family to stop and share the spirit of the Holiday that we observe.  We talk about the reason for our personal celebration of the season.  I wanted to share with my Grand-daughter and little Grand-son that there is a beautiful feeling in our hearts and so I designed my “spirit of the season” tree.





These are the items that brought my Tree Spirit to life!

This was so fun to make. I used a Penny Duncan File. I used one of her Christmas tree files and then I resized it and placed the smaller one inside the larger one. I was using Sure Cuts A Lot  to do this. Then I clicked on path and exclude which made the “hole” inside the large tree.


I decided to use “cereal box” cardboard to cut my trees. I need a sturdy material so that they would stand up.


I was delighted to find that this cut pretty easy with my eCraft. I set my pressure to 4.5 and I also used a chopping sheet stabilizer. I left the cape on. It was a quick cut and very clean.




I used a liquid acrylic paint thinned with flow medium to color the “chip’ board. I love the way the paint made spots (in watercolor we call them jellybeans).  Next step I placed the two trees together in an “X” form.  also cut out large stars to make my “Spirit” and used my favorite Peachy Keen Stamps to give my creation life and personality. One side has open eyes and the other closed. When you take your finger the “Spirit” spins to show both faces.



I also used a Laughing Cow cheese Box for the base. The one pictured above was used for my holder while I used my 3L Adhesive tape to join the halves together firmly. At this time I also placed in the tree center a length of  fishing line from the tip if the tree to the base. I used this to magically suspend  the star Face in my tree.


I completed the tree with a layer of green glitter glue. I also place a ribbon wreath on top adorned with a glimmering jewel. I also used DCWV glitter cardstock to make the base. I covered the sides with decorative braid purchased from Joann Crafts.

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays no matter what your belief! I love our wonderful world filled with the most precious of all riches, You!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catch a Snowflake and Keep it!

Well with the Holidays approaching rapidly and the weather has turned cold in much of the United States and  in some places snow is already falling.

How many times have I been asked if there was a way that I could make the snow last?. I think children love the excitement of snow filled days. I just in my long life have experienced the changing color of the leaves and now snow.  So when I was asked “to save the snow for me Grandma.” I came up with an idea for a sweet novelty gift.


I used my new toys to make up a snowflake “jewerly” set for my grand-daughter.  She will now have a snowie bracelet, and ring to adorn her holiday days!




First I decided on a design and a size for the Snowflake jewerly.  I prepared my material by ironing the fabric on Heat-N- Bond and then on to freezer paper. I then taped it to the Chopping mat I use for fabric. This just stabilizes the position of the material in my machine.


I used a pressure of 3 , no tabs, cap on and it cut very cleanly. I love the way that my eCraft cuts my quilting weight fabrics.


I ironed the backs and fronts together this is not paper but fabric. They cut out so nicely. Next time to make the faces and give my snowies some personality.


I used my favorite Peachy Keen Stamps to make the sweet Snowie faces! Colorbox inks are one my favorite inks. I love the depth they give my images. I also like the color palettes that they make. 


Now it is time to use my 3L Adhesive to position the button cover. Now for some really cool stuff about the 3L Adhesive "YOU CAN MAKE IT YOURS” I have put my favorite people on mine so that I can be inspired by love when ever I use it!!!



I love this so much!! Thank you 3L Adhesive for letting me be me!!!!

Back to work…I took out my new toy an Imaginisce I-Top 2!! I love covered buttons and brads and I-Top has ring, headbands, and buttons that snap on and off for quick changes and I love this.


These are my ring snaps and button heads!!! I am going to monogram some too!!!


It takes only a minute to cover this big button. I-top has many setter heads and brads and large buttons. You can let your mind go wild!!!  I love my flower rings and I even made some pins for my scarves too!


This it the adjustable ring mount, but remember I can also snap it to a headband or hairclip that has the I-top snap attachment. So my grand daughter can wear Snowie as a ring today and a hair clip tomorrow!!! She loves him.


I then used the

Pip-Squeaks Washable Glitter Glue on my Snowies. I love the transparency and the cover I get with them.


Both Snowies are very happy! So I embellished their snow arms .  On the large pin backed Snowie I put a wrist band of braided ribbon.


I can’t wait to give our Princess, her “Snow” Jewels. I love handmade Christmas! I love the looks and hugs I get!!!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!!

See you next week and know that you do mean so much to me!

Monday, December 12, 2011

SewMamaSew Giveaway Days!!!


How would you like to get my “candy dish” for entering your comment? Well it can happen! The Giveaway doesn’t include the candy. The instructions for making this bowl can be found on my blog in older post. I would love for you to win. I will ship internationally too!!! Come on Link UP to the Giveaway Day 2011.




SewMamaSew’s  first Giveaway Days were just that, a Giveaway Day. Over the years it’s grown by leaps and bounds; to give you time to browse through the hundreds of giveaways this time Giveaway Day will last all week, from December 12- December 16. All giveaways must close on December 16 at 5 p.m. PST, and winners should be announced by email no later than Sunday, December 18 (you should also updated your Giveaway Day post to include the winner’s name).

I am participating in the Giveaway Day. I believe in the joy of giving especially something that was made by someone. I treasure my handmade gifts so much. I am just asking for you to enter by leaving a comment below. I am also asking that you only enter one time on my blog. I would be delighted if you decided to follow my blog but that isn’t something that you have to do. Please check out my older post you might find something interesting here. Thank you and good luck on the major Giveway Day! Remember I will announce the winner on December 16 at 5PM pst.

I am sorry am late but the winner is::::::
NUmber 4 - I used Random dot org's random number generator.. Thank you so much for posting!!! I will be having another blog give away soon!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 12–Sweet Ginger Bread Apron


The Holidays are getting so close and I am delighted to share one of my favorite recipes for smiles. It is my heart apron complete with heart shaped pocket containing a stuffed ginger bread man. The apron is very simple and the person getting it  will love it!


Materials List:

  • Assorted Fabrics – Joann
  • Freezer Paper for cutting fabric
  • Heat- N- Bond – Walmart
  • Poly fill stuffing left over stuffing for doll
  • Peachy Keen Large Critter Face stamps ( love them)
  • Adhesive Squares from 3l Adhesives
  • Some fabric ink from
  • Paper crafting hand tools a burnisher
  • yarn


For the apron:

The first thing I did was take a piece of unbleached cotton or muslin (you can use your choice of colors). I cut one rectangle 23 by 13. I used scissors for this. I folded in half and took a dinner plate and used it in one corner of the fabric to make the nice curved edge on both sides. I also cut a waist band approximately 24 inches. I cut the fabric 4 by 24 and ironed it in half on the short side. It now pressed at 2 by 24 . I also cut another strip 4 x 48 for the ruffles on the side of the apron. I press this as well making a piece 2 by 48 inches.

I sewed the ruffle to the apron and then to the waist band. Then I created an embellishment for the apron. I decided on a heart shaped pocked.



I used a pressure setting of 3.5

Cap remained on

No Tabs set

I love the way my eCraft cuts fabric so cleanly.

I used my ecraftShop pro software to design the heart pocket. I cut one out of colored fabric and then enlarged the design and created a larger image to create the pocket. I used the Heat-n-Bond to adhere the smaller heart to the pocket and then I sewed it on to the apron.

Next for something sweet to add to my holiday gift!


I next decided that my apron needed a little helper to keep in the pocket. So  I created a stuffed “Ginger Bread Man” . He will reside in the pocket to assist the little chef with her  cooking duties.

I used Sure Cuts A Lot and cut my ginger breads out very quickly.


You can see how cleanly they cut. I next decided on a facial stamp from my Peach Keen Stamps Large Critter Stamps. They are perfect for soft sculptured dolls.


Coming out of the eCraft “oven”…just joking!



I love his happy face and thought he needed a holiday adornment. Having the eCraft makes it so easy to make accessories, I quickly made him a holiday hat. My 3L Adhesive Squares were just the ticket to make his hat hold tight!

I also wanted to share that Mr. Ginger Bread will not be the only one with a hat. The person I made this for will also be receiving the “chef hat” that I made on a previous post.



I will have another “handmade” gift idea next week. Don’t forget my video later this week as well! Happy Holidays and thank you so much for all of the emails!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 11 -eCrafting a Gift which is eco friendly!


I am like a lot of other people a saver of stuff that looks like it would be good to use for something else. I just love the Blue Bunny Ice Cream containers they look like they are made to recycle!! So for one of my holiday “commit to handmade gifts” projects I decided to make a sewing basket complete with pin cushion!



The first thing that I did was to make a chip board insert to be the base for the padded top. I purchased the fiberfill that I used to stuff the top at a JoAnn’s Store. I also purchased the fabric there as well. This is a non sewing machine sewing project.



My supply list:



These containers are great for putting stuff into. I use them in my craft room (sewing.) I coated the outside of the container with Basics Gesso that I bought at Michael’s. I also bought my big brush there as well. I applied the Gesso so the product image would not been seen through the fabric I picked for the project.


Next step was to make the design I needed to cut out my fabric. I used inkscape and drew my shape and then imported into my eCraft eCraftshop Pro Software. I copied and pasted the image so that it would be evenly spaced so I would not waste any fabric. My files will be available soon!


I next prepared the fabric. I cut it to 12 x 12 inches and starched it. Then I ironed Heat-n-Bond regular weight to it. Since I was not going to sew I used the heavier weigh. I then placed it on a plastic cutting mat ( I can use the full 12 inch length with the use of the sheet) and used painter’s tape to hold it.

Machine Settings are:

  • No tabs
  • Pressure of 3.5
  • cap on cutter
  • used plastic chopping sheet for fabric stabilizer


This cut very nicely on the machine. I love the wonderfully smooth way it cuts fabric. I cut two sheets one of the patterned fabric and one solid. you can see it just about jumps off of the chopping sheet.


Once I removed the sheet from the machine I peeled the paper off of the back and started weaving the strips together.


It was challenging to weave the strips in the same order..


After weaving I heat set the bonding material so that the fabric would then be one piece and not fall apart.



After pressing I think it looks really good!



Once pressed, I cut it to fit the container and used the 3L Adhesive Crafty Power tape to apply the fabric. It was very easy to attached the fabric to the container with it.


IMAG0012 I next put the fiberfill on the top and covered it with the matching solid fabric.


I also used the 3L Adhesive tape for the trim to adhere to the container’s lid. My next step was to design a cut decoration for my gift.


I used the snowflake in Sure Cuts a Lot and then I also made a backing for it with my eCraft. Since I only used cardstock for this embellishment, I cut it on the eCraft. I love the Peachy Keen Stamps and my Snowflake Princess is so cute. She has a metallic mesh background and then a beautiful decorated snow border with bling. I used Colorbox ink to add depth to her face and to the green collar she sits on. I also used eyelets to attach her ribbon to my item.


I can’t wait till she meet her new owner very soon! Happy Holidays! Wait for another gifting idea next week!