Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 12–Sweet Ginger Bread Apron


The Holidays are getting so close and I am delighted to share one of my favorite recipes for smiles. It is my heart apron complete with heart shaped pocket containing a stuffed ginger bread man. The apron is very simple and the person getting it  will love it!


Materials List:

  • Assorted Fabrics – Joann
  • Freezer Paper for cutting fabric
  • Heat- N- Bond – Walmart
  • Poly fill stuffing left over stuffing for doll
  • Peachy Keen Large Critter Face stamps ( love them)
  • Adhesive Squares from 3l Adhesives
  • Some fabric ink from
  • Paper crafting hand tools a burnisher
  • yarn


For the apron:

The first thing I did was take a piece of unbleached cotton or muslin (you can use your choice of colors). I cut one rectangle 23 by 13. I used scissors for this. I folded in half and took a dinner plate and used it in one corner of the fabric to make the nice curved edge on both sides. I also cut a waist band approximately 24 inches. I cut the fabric 4 by 24 and ironed it in half on the short side. It now pressed at 2 by 24 . I also cut another strip 4 x 48 for the ruffles on the side of the apron. I press this as well making a piece 2 by 48 inches.

I sewed the ruffle to the apron and then to the waist band. Then I created an embellishment for the apron. I decided on a heart shaped pocked.



I used a pressure setting of 3.5

Cap remained on

No Tabs set

I love the way my eCraft cuts fabric so cleanly.

I used my ecraftShop pro software to design the heart pocket. I cut one out of colored fabric and then enlarged the design and created a larger image to create the pocket. I used the Heat-n-Bond to adhere the smaller heart to the pocket and then I sewed it on to the apron.

Next for something sweet to add to my holiday gift!


I next decided that my apron needed a little helper to keep in the pocket. So  I created a stuffed “Ginger Bread Man” . He will reside in the pocket to assist the little chef with her  cooking duties.

I used Sure Cuts A Lot and cut my ginger breads out very quickly.


You can see how cleanly they cut. I next decided on a facial stamp from my Peach Keen Stamps Large Critter Stamps. They are perfect for soft sculptured dolls.


Coming out of the eCraft “oven”…just joking!



I love his happy face and thought he needed a holiday adornment. Having the eCraft makes it so easy to make accessories, I quickly made him a holiday hat. My 3L Adhesive Squares were just the ticket to make his hat hold tight!

I also wanted to share that Mr. Ginger Bread will not be the only one with a hat. The person I made this for will also be receiving the “chef hat” that I made on a previous post.



I will have another “handmade” gift idea next week. Don’t forget my video later this week as well! Happy Holidays and thank you so much for all of the emails!


  1. Oh wow I love love this apron, hat and gingerbread man.. tooooooo cute....

  2. She is going to love this gift. This is darling. It would make me want to cook. LOL

    Smiles Sher

  3. Debi,

    Thank you again for this wonderful gift! I'm making a little something for you in return! Also, my little boy (well, he's not that little!) loves the gingerbread man! He sleeps with it!