Friday, December 23, 2011

Ecrafting A Tree fill with Christmas Spirit!

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time in my family to stop and share the spirit of the Holiday that we observe.  We talk about the reason for our personal celebration of the season.  I wanted to share with my Grand-daughter and little Grand-son that there is a beautiful feeling in our hearts and so I designed my “spirit of the season” tree.





These are the items that brought my Tree Spirit to life!

This was so fun to make. I used a Penny Duncan File. I used one of her Christmas tree files and then I resized it and placed the smaller one inside the larger one. I was using Sure Cuts A Lot  to do this. Then I clicked on path and exclude which made the “hole” inside the large tree.


I decided to use “cereal box” cardboard to cut my trees. I need a sturdy material so that they would stand up.


I was delighted to find that this cut pretty easy with my eCraft. I set my pressure to 4.5 and I also used a chopping sheet stabilizer. I left the cape on. It was a quick cut and very clean.




I used a liquid acrylic paint thinned with flow medium to color the “chip’ board. I love the way the paint made spots (in watercolor we call them jellybeans).  Next step I placed the two trees together in an “X” form.  also cut out large stars to make my “Spirit” and used my favorite Peachy Keen Stamps to give my creation life and personality. One side has open eyes and the other closed. When you take your finger the “Spirit” spins to show both faces.



I also used a Laughing Cow cheese Box for the base. The one pictured above was used for my holder while I used my 3L Adhesive tape to join the halves together firmly. At this time I also placed in the tree center a length of  fishing line from the tip if the tree to the base. I used this to magically suspend  the star Face in my tree.


I completed the tree with a layer of green glitter glue. I also place a ribbon wreath on top adorned with a glimmering jewel. I also used DCWV glitter cardstock to make the base. I covered the sides with decorative braid purchased from Joann Crafts.

I want to wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays no matter what your belief! I love our wonderful world filled with the most precious of all riches, You!


  1. Beautiful holiday project Debi - fab way to recycle! I'm sure your grandkids will love it!

  2. oh wow this is soooooo cute.. I love it.