Friday, October 25, 2013

A Treat Box of Creepy Delights!

A Treat Box filled with Creepy Delights!

Well Halloween is here and now it is time for the goodies. I love treats and love making them even better looking!

So here is my Spider ladened treat box.

Camera 360


  • Box SVG files from SVGcuts
  • the Spider and web were free files from SVGcuts
  • Craftwell USA’s eCraft
  • Teresa Collins Starburst Embossing Folder
  • Craftwell’s eBosser
  • Dylusions inks
  • Xyron tap runner
  • Chalk inkadinkaoo

This one is a no brainer…lol. I made up the box and embossed my embellishment tile. I love the drips that I produced with the dylusions ink.  I love the Teresa Collins line of embossing folders. I hope that she creates more and more!

Camera 360

I wish you the best of Halloweens and of the up and coming Holiday season!

Please if you are going to Houston’s Quilt Market come and meet me at the Janome booth. I will be demostrating the Craftwell eBosser there!

See you in two weeks!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shadows of Halloween!

Shadows of Halloween!

Well Halloween is just around the corner and I found the cutest shadow box file going. I knew it was for me and for my Halloween picture project. (By the way if you are attending the Houston Quilt Market come and meet me and the Craftwell eBosser. We will be in the Janome booth. I would love to meet you and show you how to use one of the most wonderful machines going the eBosser. ) Let me get back to my project. I am so excited I can’t help it.

So Here It Is!!!

Camera 360

This was so much fun to make and I learned so much about making a shadowbox with one sheet of paper. It was amazing and fun.


  • paper for frame DCWV Teenage Dream Stack love the splattered look
  • Inkadinkado blending chalks
  • metallic markers and Air Spritzer
  • Pumpkin file SvgCuts free file
  • Shadow box from Lettering Delights
  • eCraft
  • For the Haunted Mansion in the back ground I used We R Memory Keepers Foil Glitter Flock Rub On Kit
  • Xyron Tape Runner (my Fav)


This was very easy I cut out my frame and pumpkins. I then used my eBosser to impress my pumpkins with the Décor Circle  design. I love the look and feel of this design.

Camera 360

Craftwell’s eBosser provides crisp outlines and simply beautiful control over my projects! You can see that I used my chalks to highlight the design and then sprayed the metallic marker on top. I love the rich colors I achieve.

Camera 360


The flocked and glitter rub ons where placed on the picture plane right before I mounted the Pumpkins. I love my Shadow Box.

I love Halloween and can’t wait to see what is ahead!

Happy Halloween,


Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Calorie-Free Treat!

A Calorie-Free Treat!

This is a great time of year! I love the new to me experience of the changing of the seasons. The Chill in the air and the feeling of anticipation for the things to come. So why not get in the Halloween spirit and move the good times along!

This is my contribution to the wonderful world of adult non-caloric treats!!!

This year I will be away from home and want to scare (in a fun way) my buds! So here is my fun card idea! I used recycled items again to build the foundation of my card.

Camera 360

I love stenciling or masking as a way to achieve a focal point to my back ground. So here is my recipe!

  • Cereal Box
  • Chalkboard acrylic paint
  • Bat file from Miss Kate’s Cuttables
  • Card File from Miss Kate’s Cuttables
  • eCraft
  • eCraftshop Pro
  • Craftwell’s eBosser 
  • Color Spritzer Tool
  • Scraps of Cardstock
  • Assorted chalks and stamp pads
  • Teresa Collins’ Stardust embossing folder!
  • Gold and silver markers used with the Color Spritzer Tool
  • Foam dot adhesive and Xyron Megarunner

I first took the cereal box and cut my card out of it. I then coated it with the acrylic chalkboard paint.  I had cut out several bats and used the scraps left over to use as stencils or masks to decorate the background of the front of my card.  So I laid out the wing shape and used my Color Spritzer tool loaded with a metallic marker to “airbrush” the background.

Camera 360

I also wanted to have maximum “Shock” value when the card is opened so I used Teresa Collins Embossing Folders to create a frightful Boo!

Camera 360


I love the surprise door opening look. I wanted to have pulls to open the “door”, so I used larger bat wings to provide that effect. I have a so much fun designing this one!


Camera 360

(Barbara they are coming for you….)

line from George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”

Camera 360


 And here is the frightful reveal!!! Happy Halloween and many more!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Recycling Halloween Spirits!

Recycling Halloween Spirits!

I love Halloween, it is a wonderful holiday filled with creativity and fun. I love the costumes and all of the camaraderie that we all share.

I love creating unique items for my Halloween décor. So this year I decided it was time to use those junky paper sales flyers in my newspaper for something fun.

A Haunted Wreath!


So easy and fun to make!


one wire hanger bent in a ring

bottle of acrylic paint

squares of junk paper with a slit cut in

Pearl Paper to make the ghost

Craftwell eBosser

Teresa Collins assorted embossing folders


Lots of fun.

Steps: Take the bent hanger and paper squares. I tear a hole in the center of each of the paper squares and coat them with acrylic paint. I use my hands and get covered with paint. I love doing this. Now at first you will think it won’t work and then all of the sudden the papers dry up  and start filing out your wire form.



I love the texture from the acrylic on the junk paper. I let some of the type show thru and it makes a wonderful indoor decorating item. Once dry then you can put on your embellishments.

I chose to make ghosts and leaves to haunt my wreath. I applied the texture to the paper first. I love my Teresa Collins Embossing Folders, and I used them to texture my ghosts.


I used the Stardust and Décor Circles to emboss my Ghost. Then I smeared colored glitter glue on all. I love my wreath and can’t wait to make more of them. Please join me in using items that we normally throw away to create fun.

See you next week!