Friday, September 28, 2012

A Little Fall Artwork!

A Little Fall Artwork!

I am so fortunate to be able to bring paper crafting to a group of people who love any craft and art work more than you would imagine. Fridays is my go to Crazy Crafting with Debi at the local Senior Center. We make all types of paper and other crafting projects. So when decorations were needed we decided to meet the task!
This is not your usual wall art but actually a “work” of art or at least the premise of…
This was made with  SVGcuts’s acorn and squirrel from their Acorn Autumn set. I used construction paper from the Dollar Store for the large leaves and poster board for the backing. I used  WorldWin Papers made some cool looking acorns and also my buddy, Squirrel. I  used my Craftwell eBosser to emboss the pattern on the acorn and also on my squirrel’s hat. I was so excited to use  inks and acrylic paints to push the drama of my background. The brown background accents you see on the backing are acrylic paints put down with  watercolor brush strokes.
We have about ten more to go and I am hoping to send some photos to my blog when we finish! I want you to see the fun we have had!
Happy Fall to All!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Royal Spin!

Happy Halloween with a Royal Spin!

Well Halloween is almost upon us and is easily spotted with all of the pumpkins, witches and bats out there. I love a traditional spooky Halloween holiday but having a Grand-daughter who is enamored with Princesses makes it hard.
So in honor of my “Princess” I made a “glass” slipper to hold some of her candy treats for the Halloween Eve!
  • Craftwell’s eCraft Die Cutting System
  • Craftwell’s eBosser (the coolest embosser out there)
  • MY FAV Worldwin papers De-Lights Champagne Bubbles (it is a Holographic paper)
  • eCraft Diecutable Color Mates! (I used pink for the inside, and yellow for the pompom on the shoe!
  • Sizzix Texture Plates with hearts as the focus for the lining of the shoe.
  • Quick dry glue
  • Xyron taping gun
  • ultra fine glitter for the embellishment of the pompom
  • SVGcuts Witches’ shoe

I used my Craftwell eCraft to cut out four of the Witches’ shoe files.  Two out of the beautiful WorldWin De-lights metallic paper (Settings pressure 6, no tabs, and one cut) and then I selected a pink from the eCraft Diecutable Color Mates!  I used my eBosser to make the texture on the inside of the shoe and also on the sole of the shoe. I love this machine it works so nicely and my hands love it. I am working on a “letterpress” method for printing my Holiday Cards currently.
2012-09-20 20.09.132012-09-20 20.08.25
The shoe went together so easily. I lined it with the pink cardstock to give it a richness. I am very happy with the crispness that my eCraft cuts the WorldWin cardstock. I also used a ribbon to use to embellish the “buckle” strap.
I hope that you enjoy my offering please leave me a comment on your child’s favorite costume and tradition for Halloween.
2012-09-20 20.06.48
Rye’s Glass Slipper!
I can’t wait till next week’s project. Have a wonderful week.

Friday, September 14, 2012

WorldWin Wins My Heart!

WorldWin Treasure Box

I am in love, I am in love with WorldWin Papers. I can’t believe how beautiful they are. These papers lend themselves to a beauty that doesn’t have to be overly embellished to create a treasured outcome!
2012-08-30 21.31.56
I delight in knowing that I created a beautiful little box that looks like a metal box and is paper. I love the Fern Vellum and can’t wait to purchase more! This is so much fun to use!
WorldWin Petallics! in a beautiful Copper Ore.
What a beautiful sheen it has!
2012-08-30 16.16.20
WorldWin Floral Vellum in the Ferns design!
2012-08-30 21.37.18
My CraftwellUSA eCraft Die Cutting machine! I used a setting of 8 with a cardstock stabliizer. No tabs with this one!
I also used WorldWin solid eCraft Diecutable  Color Mates!
I cut a beautiful little box out of my Petallics paper. I used a little Studio 9 pigmented ink to “age” the “metal” of my treasure box.
2012-08-30 21.06.15
I used the beautiful Vellum to make a underlayment for my box top. I love the solid ferns placed in-between the layers of vellum. They really enhance the fern effect of the vellum
2012-08-30 21.05.41
I love the way this project has come together. I know that it is the great supplies that I was able to use!
2012-08-30 21.33.57
These great papers can really help make your projects “great treasures!”
I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to those wonderful people who have suffered great loss in the terrible weather event caused by Hurricane and tropical storm Isaac. I was as many of you personally touched by this and know that we will come back from this tragedy. Know that you are in my heart!
Prayers and thoughts for all!