Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Bun Warming Quilt for the HOlidays!

A Bun Warming Quilt for the Holidays!

I was under the gun but it is done!!! So many thought how crazy to start a quilt two weeks before Christmas …can she finish it…Sure because it isn’t a people quilt but a “bun” warmer for Christmas dinner rolls.
Camera 360
I am so excited about it and can’t wait to give it to my Daughter for her Christmas dinner.
Last week I spoke to you about cutting that fabric out with the eBosser. It surely cut my time way down. So here is my recipe
Supplies and steps :
The hexagon fabric pieces sewn together to make a sixteen inch strip that is six and a half inches wide. I had a solid piece of material for the backing and a strip of batting for the inside.  I sewed the three layers together and dropped the feed dogs down and just did some quick free motion work. If you don’t know how just make straight stitch lines back and forth and it will look nice as well.
I cut a square of material (muslin) eighteen and a half inches wide and long. I turned the edge under and sewed it down for the hem. You can use stitch witchery for this if you don’t sew. I then turned down a corner and sewed my strip on to the large square. This way I can wrap the rolls and the quilted pieces helps hold the warmth in the basket.
I hope you enjoyed my creation, know that I wish the warmth of this Holiday Season be with all of you! Don’t forget to reach out to others it is a wonderful gift.

Quilted Christmas Gift!

Quilted Christmas Gift!

This is another two part project. It takes a little while to get the items sewn together, but having my Ebosser and my Fiskar’s Fuse Dies Hexagon shape has made my cutting out job so much easier. I will be posting my pattern next week on my blog!
Camera 360
I was able to cut over ten layers of my cotton out with the fuse die! This is going to be so cool. Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I am creating a handmade Christmas for my friends and family!
Camera 360
Here I am sewing a scant quarter inch seam placing the two hexagons together. I love sewing and can get lost for hours. It is coming out beautiful! Love the time my eBosser is saving me. If I had to cut this by hand it would take forever and also tire me out.

Camera 360
A quick press is very important. I use a small craft iron. I always press the seams flat first then press seams to the darker fabric. Remember a good press makes your work look so good.
Camera 360
Here I am adding the “white” hexagon into the mix. I am so excited and can’t wait to show you the finished product next week. I will also be sharing tips on sewing and quilting this project.
If you have never quilted before and want to give it a spin, I will offer suggestions to get you started into a wonderful hobby!
Here is my last photo which shows you the added “white” fabric added to both sides.
Camera 360
Supply List:
Holiday Cotton Fabrics (or your choice) Only need about a quarter of a yard of each of the colored fabrics, one yard of the solid colored fabric.
Cutter to trim threads
A sewing machine that does a regular straight stitch
Iron for pressing and a pressing surface
eBosser for cutting fabric out in bulk!
Fiskar’s Hexagon Die
Please join me next week for my wrap up!
Happy Holidays!

Season Greetings

Season Greetings a Card for Bud

Well I have searched all over for a card to send to my brother-in-law. Something that is not to cutesy but something that is still nice so I whipped out my eBosser and Fiskar’s Fuse Dies and some cardstock and fabric and voile!
Camera 360
I love using my eBosser to create so many of my crafting needs. It is really a very versatile machine. I will show you next week with another of my sewing projects.
But this week I needed a card and again the eBosser came through.
Fiskar’s Octagon shaped die
Theresa Collins Embossing Folder
Prismacolor pencils
Xyron Tape Runner
Pearl Cardstock
Gold Cardstock
Stazon Ink pad
I first cut out my shapes with the Fiskar’s die. I can load eight layers of fabric on it and cut away. Clear clean cuts are the signature of the eBosser. Next I cut out some of my pearl cardstock with the same die.
I embossed the gold figured cardstock with my Theresa Collins embossing folder. Her designs are so interesting and add so much to my projects.
Camera 360The sandwich for the fiskar’s fuse dies are three A-plates under the die and one on top. I am so happy that I have those extra plates. You can purchase extra plates at many places online.
Camera 360
I really enjoyed making this card. I took my fabric pieces (three of them) and bunched two up and placed on top of my flat one. I love the extra dimension that it added to my card. Now to make a flat box to send it in so that it doesn’t get crushed.
Have a great week,

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A New Treat for My Creative Outlet!

A New Treat for My Creative Outlet!

Well with 2013 almost over, I found a new fun scrapbooking focus. I have decided to work on tag journals. I have never been interested but working with these great Theresa Collins collections have changed my mind. I am having a blast and loving all of the great embellishments and papers that the Happy set includes. It is a new day, a new year is on its way!


I found these great kraft paper covered booklets at the flea market for 25 cents each. I love them. They even included a kraft paper covered black ink pen . I felt that it was time to dress it up and Theresa Collins inspired me with her wonderful line called “You are My Happy”! I love all of the great embellishments that she has created in this wonderful series!


This Journal has a medallion with a pocket filled with tags for adding all of my inspirations, and secret smiles! I used a paper towel roll to create a pocket inside of this medallion.

Here are my supplies:

Kraft Paper Journal

Fabric and batting to be placed on the front of the journal


Sizzix Tag die

Craftwell eBosser ( my favorite)

Tim Holtz Distress inks for edge applicatons.

here we go!



I stretched the fabric with batting under it on the surface of the front cover. Next I cut and covered the inside of the front cover. I love this book..


I used the distress inks to add richness to the edges of my wonderful center embellishment. I love the blush color.


I love my sizzix tag die and can make up to eight layers of pearl paper in it. I love these tags. Theresa Collins had the most wonderful brads to complete my tag labels!


I was able to cover my pen too! I am loving this!


Inside front cover and first page with another tag booklet and also a floral pocket. I can’t wait to do more work and fill my book as I go along. I hope that this coming year brings all of us great opportunities and always the richness of great friends!

Happy New Year!