Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Bun Warming Quilt for the HOlidays!

A Bun Warming Quilt for the Holidays!

I was under the gun but it is done!!! So many thought how crazy to start a quilt two weeks before Christmas …can she finish it…Sure because it isn’t a people quilt but a “bun” warmer for Christmas dinner rolls.
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I am so excited about it and can’t wait to give it to my Daughter for her Christmas dinner.
Last week I spoke to you about cutting that fabric out with the eBosser. It surely cut my time way down. So here is my recipe
Supplies and steps :
The hexagon fabric pieces sewn together to make a sixteen inch strip that is six and a half inches wide. I had a solid piece of material for the backing and a strip of batting for the inside.  I sewed the three layers together and dropped the feed dogs down and just did some quick free motion work. If you don’t know how just make straight stitch lines back and forth and it will look nice as well.
I cut a square of material (muslin) eighteen and a half inches wide and long. I turned the edge under and sewed it down for the hem. You can use stitch witchery for this if you don’t sew. I then turned down a corner and sewed my strip on to the large square. This way I can wrap the rolls and the quilted pieces helps hold the warmth in the basket.
I hope you enjoyed my creation, know that I wish the warmth of this Holiday Season be with all of you! Don’t forget to reach out to others it is a wonderful gift.

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