Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quilted Christmas Gift!

Quilted Christmas Gift!

This is another two part project. It takes a little while to get the items sewn together, but having my Ebosser and my Fiskar’s Fuse Dies Hexagon shape has made my cutting out job so much easier. I will be posting my pattern next week on my blog!
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I was able to cut over ten layers of my cotton out with the fuse die! This is going to be so cool. Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I am creating a handmade Christmas for my friends and family!
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Here I am sewing a scant quarter inch seam placing the two hexagons together. I love sewing and can get lost for hours. It is coming out beautiful! Love the time my eBosser is saving me. If I had to cut this by hand it would take forever and also tire me out.

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A quick press is very important. I use a small craft iron. I always press the seams flat first then press seams to the darker fabric. Remember a good press makes your work look so good.
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Here I am adding the “white” hexagon into the mix. I am so excited and can’t wait to show you the finished product next week. I will also be sharing tips on sewing and quilting this project.
If you have never quilted before and want to give it a spin, I will offer suggestions to get you started into a wonderful hobby!
Here is my last photo which shows you the added “white” fabric added to both sides.
Camera 360
Supply List:
Holiday Cotton Fabrics (or your choice) Only need about a quarter of a yard of each of the colored fabrics, one yard of the solid colored fabric.
Cutter to trim threads
A sewing machine that does a regular straight stitch
Iron for pressing and a pressing surface
eBosser for cutting fabric out in bulk!
Fiskar’s Hexagon Die
Please join me next week for my wrap up!
Happy Holidays!

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