Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Love Goes A Long Way

A Little Love Goes A Long Way

For my home decor project I had envisioned something quilted but my die didn’t make it. I got upset and realized how much I take me for granted. I am quick to fuss at myself. I smooth over when others don’t meet some of their duties. You know you too are a mom or a wife or even a friend. So I decided I needed to add something to my work area to remind me to love me!

over sink

I love this heart mobile. I used my eCraft and some of the great WorldWin papers to create these interlocking Celtic hearts. I found the svg on the site Extreme Papercrafting. I have all of the hearts braided together and they actually move with the breeze from the ceiling fan.


I thought about making a banner for my fireplace but decided I spend more time in my kitchen than the living room. This is my Valentine’s gift to me so I want it where it will inspire me to love me!

I used a pressure of 6 and no tabs. It cut very cleanly. I also sprayed locktite adhesive spray on it and then sprinkled my glitter on it. I am very pleased with my outcome. I might make several strands to go across my kitchen windows. I think they need a little sweet décor as well.

I am hoping that in the next few days my new quilting die will be delivered. So hopefully I will be showing you some wonderful fabric creations using my eBosser.

Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to Love you!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

eBosser Makes Recycling Fun!

eBosser Makes Recycling Fun!

I am so excited. I love eBossing with my eBosser. I love using it to recycle. I decided to work on a new project with my eBosser and my new Vintaj dies.



I used a soda can and cut it out with a sizzix star die. I can’t believe how nice it turned out. The eBosser makes quick work of die cutting and also embossing.


Who would have ever thought that a soda can could make a wonderful hair embellishment. I am so happy that I am able to do this.


After cutting out the shape a quick pass thru the eBosser  in the Vintaj folder makes a beautiful design.


In order to give my stars a nice finish I took a candle and heated the stars. The finish took on a caramel color and was the finish I was looking for. No inks or anything else was added just the flame and it caused the effect you see. I did sand it  to remove some of the effect.


The edges are also not sharp. I sanded them as well very gently. I love my outcome.

Well Looking forward to some home décor? Well check out my post for next week and let me know what you think..

Have a great week, Debi

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Felted Feel Goods!

Felted Feel Goodies!

I am in Love…love with my Ebosser. I am so fortunate to be able to use it. I have had some issues with wrist pains and my eBosser reduces my hand and wrist pains so much that embossing and using quilting dies is a joy again! I am so delighted that I worked up an item to share with some of my friends.

2012-12-26 23.20.04-1

I love cutting felt and fabrics with my eBosser so easy and quick. I can cut so much that it is shocking! You can see that I am also working on a custom embossing folder with the “eBosser” word.

2012-12-26 23.19.11-2

I used a eight layer of felt with the Sizzix die to cut my flowers.

They cut cleanly and quickly.  I used my C plate and my A plate. I then took some twine and gathered up my flowers.

2012-12-26 23.12.38-1

After gathering I was able to sew on my button center. I then was able to attach the pin, but could have easily attached to the hair clippie.  I really love how these came out.

2012-12-26 23.08.50-1

Whether used as a package embellishment or a head piece this is really super cute and fast. I love my flower garden. During the winter when so much is brown these beautiful felted blossoms have really brightened up my world.

Want to see my felted bouquet… is on its way!!!

Happy New Year again!