Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School 2012

Something for the School Nurse!

I know that school is starting all over. Many are other there getting the school spirit. Well there are many people who support the children at school. So when all the kids go back sometimes the School Nurse is very busy!
So for our local School Nurse I thought I would make her a stress reliever! I started with a cigar box. (it was given to me a long time ago and has been aired out for a long time.
a lidded box
vinyl for covering the box and for lettering
solid cardstock
a nurse’s cap svg and also an apple svg
felt for the interior
my Craftwell eCraft Die Cutter
and some treats!
I covered the box with some stone textured vinyl. It was very easy.
Next I lined the inside with felt. I used Elmer’s spray  adhesive to attached it. It really  looks nice.
Next I used my eCraft to cut out my images for the top of my box. I used cardstock and a pressure of 6 with no stabilizer.
It cut very crisply.
I also cut my letters from vinyl and used them to personalize my box! I know she will enjoy it. I know that every year she starts school with all kinds of kid nuisance ills and hopefully this will make her laugh some! Something extra is the sweet treat inside!
080220123485 - Copy
I hope that 2012 is a great year for learning and discovery for all of us! Happy New School Year!

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