Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Head Band

Easter Head Band

I love Spring and Easter and all of the frills and blooms that go with it. So I decided to try my hand at a cute blooming head band to frame a sweet face. My version has three different frills to be removed and used as wanted.



This is a very easy project. I just used some wonderful sparkly fabric and gathered it by hand or you could use a sewing machine. I used a small snap on the back to attach it to the headband. You don’t have to make a band as I did you can use a premade band from any store.

My favorite part was cutting the shapes out on my eCraft! This Bake ‘N Shrink cuts so easily with my machine. I even used it to write the Happy Easter on my Egg! So EASY!



It writes so easy and does it before it cuts.

Once I finished cutting out my shapes, I used my Prismacolor markers to color them. I love using Bake ‘N Shrink.

I used my Ranger Heating Pan to shrink and glaze my Easter Shapes.



Just think about how easy this would be to make head band blossoms for any day!

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Looking forward to see you there!


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