Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bunny is Coming!

The Bunny is Coming!

I know that I am a Bake 'N Shrink fiend. I love this stuff, I can’t help but find reasons to make fun things with it. I was thinking about a different gift for my Grand-daughter and a carrot necklace for Easter came hopping into my mind.


I know that she will love it as we all love our Carets….OOOPS wrong one. Well we do love Carrots as well. She will love this little Monogrammed Carrot pendant. The Bunny also says it it very light to hop around with!


A very easy project. I first cut the Bake’N Shrink out with my eCraft cutter. It really does cut nicely with the ecraft machine.  IMG_4973 

I then quickly took my Prismacolor markers and shaded my “carrot” I used the cute letter stamps to personalize the carrot. I am such a big kid when it comes to shrink it. I love to watch it bend and twist and then shrink and turn flat again.

Once I finished shrinking it I decided it needed a very shiny finish. I have just received my Ranger’s Melting Pot and put some of the UTEE into it. It melted almost instantly. I placed the pendant into the liquid UTEE and voile! there it was a mirror glaze on my cute pendant. I held it over the pot until it was dry and not dripping. I love the way it looks and feels, more importantly I can’t wait for my Grand-daughter to open the “egg” which contains it to see her beautiful face light up.

Happy Spring it is Sprung!!!

Much more to come!

Hugs to all, Debi

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