Tuesday, November 22, 2011

eCrafting a Ball for Baby


Happy Holidays!

I can’t wait to share this with you! I am in love with what my eCraft cutting system can do! I give it some commands and it helps me make the most beautiful of gifts! I love this beautiful baby soft ball and with the eCraft, and Design by Pink Stamps I created a gift worth of any “ baby boutique.”


I first created the pattern for my ball. I used Sure-Cuts-A-Lot software for my design. I will share this with you on my blog. I was able to get three cuts on each 12 x 12 cloth sheet.


I played with the placement and finally decided to put the “football” shapes one on tope of the other for maximum size and space.


See how smooth the cut!
Now for my secret formula…LOL!



  • pressure 3.5
  • cap on
  • used vegetable cutting sheet stabilizer
  • blade cap on
  • I also checked my blade cap for lint or debris as well.
  • I used no tabs

I base my cut out success with a simply guideline. I use quilting weight woven fabric and starch it and iron it twice. I then cut Reynolds's freezer paper in 12 x 12 squares and iron these on one side of the fabric. I then use painter’s tape to hold this to a plastic veggie chopping sheet. I also always cut a dummy sheet first just to see my placement. I have less waste this way.


The stitching is very easy. I sew two pieces together then I fit one inside of the other and sew them together. I left a small hole in one of the side seams for stuffing. I used a hand stitch to close this after the stuffing is complete. I just stuff it to my personal choice.


I used poly fiber fill or batting for this application. You can buy it in the sewing section of most major chain stores. I used a stick to help push the fibers into the ball.


See how nicely it is shaping up!


For my gift tag, I decided to use my Pink by Design stamp. This Cardinal is so sweet. I stamped her on a piece cardstock and used my Prismacolor pencils to highlight this beautiful design.


I used metallic thread to stitch the cardstock to a green felt tag. and used some ribbon to adore my new gift!



Here it is without all of the trimmings it is pretty and not tiny either it measures about eight inches.


By the way I am not finished with my gifting ideas yet! Join me next week for another great gift idea! Thank you to Design by Pink for the beautiful stamps used in my projects! I love the way we work together!


  1. ohhhhh I love your ball... soooo pretty

  2. Wonderful project, love your coloring Debi!

  3. Hey you:) Will you please explain a bit about "excessive plastic chopping sheet of fabric stabilizer"?
    Where did you buy it? Which store? and use any glue on it?
    I have a ecraft cutting machine and very often have problems when I cut the sheets of paper / cardboard letters that are cut out, peel off and go with the paper / cardboard and everything is just a lot of mess!

    Maybe I can get something that you use here in Norway, would like to know more about what "plastic sheet chopping" is for something and even where you bought it.

    Thank you in advance!
    and PS: You have an amazing blog:)

    Rolf from Norway