Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 9 - eCrafting A Simple Gift Bag with Peek-a-boo Window


With the Holidays coming soon, I am always looking for ways to make those who make my life easier feel special! So for my mail carrier, hair dresser, and even my bank teller, I have a star laden gift bag, to let them know that they mean so much to me!

My eCraft makes the cutting so easy! I love my DesignByPink Stamps for embellishing as well! So let’s get started building this holiday bag!


This bag looks hard but it really is very easy. I bought some linen at my favorite JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Store. I quickly cut strips of five and half inches by eighteen inches. I decided to cut the window on my eCraft Cutting System. First I quickly put a square on my eCraft Pro Software to send to my cutter.


  • Woven Fabric ; such as linen or muslin
  • thread for stitching and a decorative thread for embellishing
  • Pink by Design Stamps for embellishing
  • star laden transparent fabric or your choice for peek-a-boo window.
  • markers for stamp art.
  • ribbon for pulls
  • basic sewing machine
  • safety pin and straight pins
  • painters tape



I used freezer paper on both sides of the fabric and also starched the fabric before applying the freezer paper. I also pinned the long end so that it would not get caught on anything. My machines settings were pressure 3.5, cap on, no tabs. I used the veggie cutting sheet as a stabilizer.


I then cut the corners of the square with diagonal cuts to make the 1/4 inch fold to sew back to make the window.


I then put my 4 x 4 transparent fabric over the window. I pinned the edges and took to the sewing machine.



While my bag was inside out I stamped my wreath image and colored it so that I could see it through the transparent material.


I love the effect that I got from it. I folded up the casing for the drawstring.  I sewed a channel for the ribbon to go into.


Before turning right side out clip the corners of the bottom of the bag off so that you get a sharp corner.


The ribbon pull is easy. Take two 10 inch long pieces of ribbon and feed through the casing leaving the ends of each piece coming out of the opposite sides. Tie knots on the ends and pull!


I love the way my stamp peeks through the star material. I think this bag makes a great statement of Thanks!


I hope that you enjoyed my gift bag creation. Next week I will have another gifting idea for you. I love creating items for you. Please leave me feedback.


Happy Holidays!

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  1. I sooooo love your bag... sooo pretty.