Friday, October 14, 2011

Link Up for Pink!! Don't forget those we have lost and those who are fighting the fight!

I have made a Butterfly Pin to honor a great friend who is a true hero! She is not a cancer patient but has ministered to those who are fighting the battle. She is a kind and generous person. She brings hope for many fighters with her personlized journals!. I want to commend Celeste for her work! I also want to say thank you to Yolie and Gaby they too are helping those fight the fight. Thank you.

My pin is very easy to make. I used fabric stiffener, Angelina fiber, an Iron, an adhesive backed bar pin, and sharpie stain color, also glitter glue, and my eCraft.

Angelina Fiber is great a little bit makes a neat "sheet of custom fabric" that you can add to your project it adds shine to any project.

You use an iron with an ironing sheet to protect it from the heat. You place the fibers across each other, and then I use a teflon sheet on top to make it adhere to itself. Angelina only sticks to itself. A little goes a long way.

While I was making the Angelina into fabric I had coated my pink fabric with Stiffy, fabric stiffener. This stuff works great but there are many other brands as well on the market. I like the way that it makes my cotton fabric cut as easily as cardstock on my cutting machine.

I cut two butterflies out and glued them together, then I added the adhesive pin on the back side of my pin.
I also ran the bottom butterfly thru a crimper to give it texture. This is so much fun! I love butterflies. I then began surface embellishement of my butterfly.
I cut the Angelina by hand and glued it to the wings of my butterfly.

I used Sharpie's new fabric stain pens to color my butterflies' wings. I love the rich color of these fabric markers.

I also used bottles of glitter glue to also embellish my bugs!

I love the glitter and very quickly I was finished with all of the bling!
I only wish that I could wipe out cancer as easily as I made my butterfly! Help us all fight this robber of life, family and friends. I wish my grand babies had their other Grandma who lost her battle to breast cancer. She was a courageous fighter, Shannon I pray that you share all of my senses when I am with our babies! You deserve to be here!
Fly Free!


  1. Gorgeous butterfly, thanks for sharing your technique. Beautiful.

  2. Like your Butterfly for Breast Cancer Awareness.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pin!!
    Thanks for joining Link Up for Pink!

  4. This is a truly beautiful pin! ♥

  5. Such lovely butterfly and thanks for the tutorial!
    Thanks for linking it up with us over at LUFP ~Gaby

  6. oH wow soooooo pretty.... You know i love it.