Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ecrafting "Square1 printable, repositionable, removable adhesive fabric"

Well I am learning! I am primarily a sewing crafter and found a great use for this wonderful "new to me" medium, Square1 Removable Adhesive Inkjet fabric. First of all, I love being able to use Square 1 Adhesive Fabric in my inkjet printer, but I also love being able to use my acrylic inks with it. I can brush it on and retain the brush markers and it looks great. Heck I can even stamp it. I just love all of the possibilities.

Well,this week is a tongue and cheek project! I have two projects in one. I have a feeling that my Grand Children will enjoy both of them.
My simple luminary project is super easy. I took a milk or juice plastic gallon container and cut a small opening on the side opposite the handle. I placed a battery operated "candle" in it and then made my faces with my new love, Square1 Fabric. The faces are re-positionable, children love helping and I have no fear of cuts (carving pumpkins) with this. I am going to light my walk way this year with my "Milk-O-Lanterns".

I "carved" out the jugkin. This was easy, make sure though if you are a young person to get an adult to help with cutting hole. I will put in a battery operated tea light or candle later when I move them out on the walkway.
I love the fact that I can remove the faces and put them on freezer paper and use them for next year or something else.
I am very excited about Halloween this year! So often when we are making treats for the occasion it is also exciting to have special equipment for our helpers. My next project is my quick and easy chef's hat. I use a free pattern found at It comes in four sizes and is super easy to make. I love the wide band so I can personlize it. Well I love this version of the hat. I used a purple spider web fabric and then to make the band sticker friendly I used a treatment that adheres vinyl to the fabric. It is called "Thermo-Web iron on vinyl". I am so happy that I discovered it for this project. I am able to use the Square 1 adhesive fabric with it. I can now make all kinds of sticker for my grand children to enjoy with their chef's hats. Stickers are very important to children. Grandmas must have them and with Square1 I can make custom stickers for them.
Cutting Square1 Fabric is very easy. I used a Veggie cutting plastic sheet as my stablizer. I used a pressure of 3 and no tabs. I left the cutting guard cap on. I love the way my eCraft cuts. It really works well and I always test it to make sure my settings will give me the outcome I desire.
The cuts are very sharp and remove from the backing very easy. I was very surprised that the material cut so well as it was hand painted. I love this stuff.
One of the things I love is that I am able to change the style of the lettering so quickly and put it away till needed again!
I hope you enjoy my project. Can't wait to see you next week!

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