Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ecrafting "Home Decor" let's make a pillow! Special Edition

I love designing pieces for my home and my friends' as well. Pillows are all the rage and so I decided to try my hand at a simple pillow design. If you can sew a line of straight stitches (it doesn't have to be ruler straight) you can make this pillow!!

The eCraft can use many forms of input for cutting. You can use the wonderful SD cards that eCraft has. You can even use your eCraft software to manipulate the images from the sd cards and send to be cut by your machine. Many don't know though about the online library of ready to download images at eCraft Central. I love using these images for making appliques. I even manipulate them so I can create "one of a kind" pieces! In this project I used photo corner number 32. I also used a looped piece, Embellishment number 1. I used the "Sure Cuts A Lot" software to mirror the image and to weld it to make a medallion. I also used the shadow function to produce the background.

I cut it out on my eCraft using the settings pressure setting was set at 3 and a half. So in between the 3 and the 4. My tab density was set at 0. Multi-cut was set at 0. I did use an image stabilizer the vegetable. I loaded the fabric through the front loading tray. My blade cap was on.

My pillow form was a fourteen by fourteen one so it was pretty easy to determine that a cut of fabric fifteen by fifteen would work for what I wanted. So I made my cut of base fabric. Then I folded the square in half and then opened it and folded it in half on the other side to form a center point. I also folded my shadow piece to center it on the pillow case front.

Then I removed the backing and ironed my center piece on.

My next step was determining placement of my "corner" embellishments. I tried it two ways. I used a chalk pencil mark the placement before I fused the applique down. You don't have to do this, you can "eyeball it" but I like the spacing that I got by measuring it.

I then fused all of the pieces down. Next I cut the fabric for the back. I knew that I wanted a slit to be able to put the pillow in and take it out to use other covers. So really easy I cut my back piece as a rectangle fifteen inches by nineteen. I then cut it in half. I folded over one inch and stitch it down on both pieces. I then didn't worry about the placement I just matched up the other edges and it made an envelope for my pillow form.

I sewed around the whole piece and trimmed the edges. I turned the pillow case right side out and popped the pillow form in. I have a cute pillow that I can change as my mood and decor fits! I can even flip it around and use the back for a different look too!

I hope you enjoyed my presentation! Look forward to next week! Please leave me comments, suggestions, and have a great week!

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