Tuesday, October 25, 2011

eCrafting "Fall Recipe Holder" with Square 1 Masterpiece

My Square1 Masterpiece  project for this month is a hanging recipe card holder. So many times while preparing a recipe, I have actually misplaced my recipe. This will make my recipes safe as well as clean as well as easily viewed, while I get busy with preparing our favorite holiday meal  recipes.

Supplies needed for this project:
clear vinyl cut to a nine by sixteen rectangle
(you can purchase this at any local fabric store)
Bias tape trim or ribbon to sew along the edges.
eCraft Pro Software
Leaf SVG's
Acrylic liquid ink
sewingmachine or fabric glue
jewerly wire
wire cutters
I cut my vinyl and quickly sewed my bias trim around the edge  to make a pocket for my recipes. I love this simple project!
I used ready made bias tape but you can use ribbon or just a strip of fabric. If you don't want to sew you can actually staple the vinyl on the edge and then glue the trim around  the sides and bottom. Next I selected various leaf svg files to cut on my eCraft Cutting Machine. I love my Purpleberry machine! You can purchase great leaf and other designs at eCraft Central new cutting files are added daily. They download to your eCraft Pro Software.

 I set the pressure at the lowest setting. The cap was left on. I used no tabs. and I used a vegetable cutting sheet for my image stablizer.
I decided to paint my leaves with some acrylic inks to achieve the  effect I desired. You can print out the colors you want on a printer or as I did. Square1 Masterpiece Fabric loves to be embellished with many mediums. This is what I used.

Speedball Super Pigmented ink and Windsor and Newton liquid Acrylic. I love the effects that can be achieved with these. 
Once my leaves dried I decided to make them double sided so for stability I added a small wire to the inside.
I love the way my leaves turned out. I wish I made enough to put in an arrangement for my Holiday table!

My leaves had a real look to them. I really love Square1 Masterpiece Fabric. 
You can see some of my detail in this shot. 
Next I placed the leaves along the sides of my holder

I stitched my leaves on but you don't have to. Hot glue, 3L Adhesive    
squares will also work.
I will get a lot of use from this fun project. I hope that enjoy my tutorials. Come back next Tuesday to see what I have posted. Please leave me some feedback and remember it is all about having fun!


  1. I love this one! You can change out the leaves for Christmas decor, then spring, then....

    Great idea.

  2. Fab project Debi - love the added color to the leaves!