Sunday, June 2, 2013

Planning for a Special Dad

Planning for a Special Dad

Well this is certainly a change of venue for me. I first stepped out of my box and right into a paper pile. Now I am jumping into the kitchen to make my next large project.

I am going to decorate a father’s day cake using my Craftwell eBosser and Photofrost Icing Sheets. I am very excited. I have to pull myself back from jumping in without planning.

I have selected to make a round cake with decorations made from various embossing folders and these colors of Photofrost Icing Sheets.

8x13 Green Icing Sheet8x13 Orange Icing Sheet8x13 chocolate Icing Sheet8x13 ivory Icing Sheet

I want to make a very cute cake with these masculine colors. I also have purchased some markers made for coloring food. So I am ready to get rolling. Here are some of the folders that I am considering for my project.



I am still planning and will have a rough layout with my final decisions in next week’s post. Please feel free to give me your suggestions, do you like the embossing folders that I have selected?

The excitement builds!

My eBosser is going to get a work out…coming soon.


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