Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Fun Décor!

Summer time Décor!

Summer time is a time for family and friends to visit. I decided to fix up my bathroom with some crafty hand towels. I could embroidered them but decided to see what my eCraft and I could create! And wow again it was wonderful and I am ready to share my outcome with you!
  • quilting weight cottons for flowers
  • heat n bond from JoAnn's Fabrics
  • colored buttons four large and four small to stack
  • a straight stitch sewing machine or fabric glue
  • pre-made length of trim to cover the towel band
  • iron to attach the heat n bond
  • CraftwellUSA’s eCraft Die Cutting Machine
  • eCraft’s Fundementals 1 sd card for the flower
I love this and it was super easy. I used my iron to place the heat n bond on my fabric. I then using my eCraft ProSoftware filled my mat with flowers to be cut out of the fabric. My eCraft makes quick work out of making fabric flowers!
I sewed down the trim along the towel band. You can use perm fabric glue as well. Then I stacked my buttons and used them to attach my flowers to my towel. I love the home décor that I can create with my eCraft.
Think about the gifts you could make for friends and family with this wonderful machine!
I wish you a wonderful Summer!

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  1. such a fabulous towel love it.