Friday, May 18, 2012

Love to Make Gifts!

Gift Making Time Again

I love the opportunity that this Month offers. Mother’s Day is very special to many of us. I love to make gifts to show my love for those who mean so much to me. Funny as it sounds I have several friends that aren’t Moms in the traditional sense but still deserve the title. So when I was out and about shopping with a good friend, she saw a monogrammed tile and was so wanting one. I held my breath and my mouth and knew my Craftwell eCraft could pull this off easily!
  • Tile from Lowes
  • Craftwell Vinyl from Fotobella
  • Craftwell tool kit (I love it)
  • eCraft Pro Software and a TTF font (you can use any on your computer)
  • transfer tape (masking tape)
  • Picture stand from dollar store
  • Purpleberry eCraft Die Cutting Machine

I love cutting vinyl with my eCraft. The settings are so easy.. Pressure 1, No tabs and No mat just feed the vinyl in and go. I edited the letter in my software and then sent to the machine.
I love the way my machine cuts vinyl.
Next I weeded my image, this task was made easier with the use of my pick which comes in the Craftwell tool kit.  Next I applied masking tape to the image so that I could place and adhere it to the tile.
I am so pleased with the outcome and delighted to see how thin my lines actually cut. I did use a new blade but was just so delighted with this cut!
Next week a fabric surprise for mom! Happy May to all, I love spring!

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