Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grandma’s Summer Fun Recycled Play

Grandma’s Summer Fun Using Recycled Drink Cylinder

This grandma is so excited about Summer coming.  Summertime means I will have my babies for a short time. My baby girl is  3 and half loves to craft with Granny! So I decided to help the environment and have fun with Rei too! So I am putting together crafting ideas for our vacation time together. I want this planet to be around and litter-less when my grands and their kids inherit this earth. So I am creating a fun way to get my Reilee to recycle and yet have a blast.
So this is what we are starting with!
This is so super simple. I have provided the face piece files for either the eCraft Pro Software or the svg files for you! You will have to manual separate them and then cut them out. I love the ecraft as I can use scraps to make my small pieces.

I used my Xyron’s Mega Runner to adhere the fun foam to my tea container. I also used the Mega Runner to attach my “hair” as well.
For the smaller pieces I ran those thru my Xyron’s 1.5 Create-A-Sticker it is so easy and not messy at all. I love the all over coverage!
Here you can see my individual face pieces ready to be placed. This is so easy and I know that Rei will have a blast. I can’t wait to make accessories for them too! I can see bows, masks, and even party hats made for our special container!
and here I am the Grandma recycled instant tea container! Are my ears really that big…LOL! Ready for a night on the town with my puzzle earrings. I just hope that my little grand-daughter has fun playing with me and making her own storage person. Yes you can put your “stuff” still in the container!
I wish all of you joy for every day of your life! I hope that you have many special days and that my everyday  will  remain just that a special day.
See you next week, Debi

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