Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Blooming Recycling Project

Recycling Fun and Spring Flowers!

I love Spring, but I have not known its merits long. I had lived all of my life with virtually no season changes. We laughed and said that we only had two seasons hot and hotter. But I recently have had the pleasure of seeing the seasons change first hand and I love it. I love seeing the green appear from the brown remains of winter.Seasons do reflect life’s journey in such a way that I have now realized so much. I love seeing the daffodils rise up and show their beautiful faces. The Iris, azalea, dogwood, and numerous blooms how breathtaking they are. So to give back to Mom Nature and to keep several plastic bottles out of the landfill I designed this project. I will show you how I made them into Easter or Spring gifts that I hope will bring smiles.


We all know the unloved plastic soda bottle. Well I used my craft knife and cut the bottom off about five inches from the bottom. By the way I use the top for my gardening funnel. You can use this to make bands for any plant pot, container, or even a glass. It is easy and doesn’t require a lot of work , yet the outcome is very pretty.

Now we are ready to get started.


Supplies and Settings

  • one 2 liter soda bottle cut  in half
  • craft knife
  • quilting weight cotton fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics
  • Beautiful Fabric from a mystery giver used for eggs..
  • stitch witchery or straight stitch sewing machine
  • Bias tape of your choice any fabric store or you can make your own
  • eCraftshop Pro Software for manipulating images
  • eCraft Die Cutting Machine
  • veggie chopping mat from DollarTree
  • 606 Spray and Fix Fusible Adhesive from Walmart

  • Svg File of Chocolate bunny from Oh My Crafts..
  • Svg of Egg made from shape file in eCraft Pro Software
  • Iron on Crystals and application tool  from Kandi Kane
  • Hook and Loop tape for closure from Walmart


After cutting my bottle, I next brought my image svg into my eCraftshop Pro software. It is so easy to use to make multiple images.  I sent these on to my machine and the cut out was very nice.


Settings for eCraft machine pressure is only 4.5 and no tabs. I used the veggie mat sprayed till it was very sticky and used a brayer to make sure the material was well stuck. I can cut plain fabric (cotton quilting weight) using this method.


It cuts so very cleanly. I actually used my leftover and made more. you can see the clean cut in front of the cutter’s trolley.  Love this.


Check out all of my Chocolate Bunnies…non caloric. but they are soooo SWEET!!!


Next I cut a rectangle of pink fabric two inches longer than the circumference of my bottle. I cut it four inches wide. I pressed under a quarter inch on both edges. Next I used a contrasting bias tape to put on the edge of my pot band. I made mine but you can buy it at any fabric store. You can use stitch witchery to attach it to the band. I used my sewing machine but either way works fine.


I received this beautiful fabric strip from a mystery person. I love it and used it to make some sweet Easter eggs for my bands. I have plenty left for more projects.


Next I used my Heat n Bond to attach my bunnies and eggs to my bands. I also used hook and loop tape on the ends to fasten the band around the “pot” or vase. I used my Ranger Stickles and iron on crystals to embellish my Easter egg and rabbits.


One last note, I purchased the water crystals at the DollarTree store.  You will see a bounty of blooms from my yard. I am blessed with so many beautiful flowers. I love the Wisteria, and Bridal Wreath, I love the exotic pink honeysuckle. So much to be thankful for. I love the rebirth that Spring gives us. Life is such a wonderful gift!


One big purple bearded Iris and some beautiful foliage finish out my Spring Chocolate Bunny Band flower container. I am making several for friends so they too can enjoy and be “green” too!


I hope you enjoy my flowers!


Next week I will share another recycling project. This is so important to me, I pride myself on my saving and using stuff over and over again in new ways.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all!


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  1. Such a great idea. I was wondering if you have every used your eCraft to cut quilt batting. I am making flowers (flannel) and I think I can figure out how to cut those. But I also want batting to go in between. Have you done that before? Not sure if I should try it or if it will foul up my machine.