Sunday, November 10, 2013

Laying Down the Gauntlet

Laying Down the SteamPunk Gauntlet!

I am so inspired by fabric after coming back from the International Quilt Market and Festival. I had the pleasure of seeing many of the new fabrics and ideas coming right around the corner. So I have new drive to create with fabric. Besides the holiday season always is the reason for me to sew. I always try to do a handmade holiday.  So bring it on…LOL!

Here is my project using some great Cheery Lyn Dies!

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This is my Steampunk Gauntlet for one of my Steampunk loving relatives!

I love my Cheery Lyn Dies and how wondefully that my Craftwell eBosser can cut fabric and vinyl too! So here is my project list.


Black Cotton material

Artista Glitter Vinyl

a ponytail hair band

Sewing machine



pink organza

cutting tools

hook and loop for closure on wrist.

Cut a rectangle out of the fabric. 6.5 x 11 inches. Sew the top together, remember to insert the pony tail elastic.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Now press the rectangle open to form a triangle. 

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I now will take a break and cut my heat Glitter Vinyl with my eBosser. It is very simple. I used plates DBC on the bottom, Next the Cheery Lyn Die and then the vinyl on top and lastly the A plate. It only takes a second to cut and iron on my fabric!

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Next I gathered my organza and sewed it on the long edge of my “glove”. I then added the hook and loop to fit! I can’t wait till I see her face on Christmas morning! Wait till you see the great sewing and quilting projects I have in store for you!

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