Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Resisting the urge to wash dishes!

Fabric transformation!! I love fabric and this is one of the most exciting things that I have done in a long while!!!

I love fabric so much more than I like washing dishes.. so a new use for dish detergent is for me. I love making my own decorated fabric for many purposes. Well when  I heard that you could use dish detergent to mask or create a frisket on fabric, I was sold. This detergent is brushed on and when dry keeps the paint from coloring the fabric. So I wanted to see what I could accomplish… Please I hope you enjoy my video. 

muslin (on hand)
Splash Inks 
Paint Brushes (on hand)
Acrylic stamp squares
Heart stamps from the Rubber Stamp Depot available at AlteredPages
StaZon Ink Pad
thick dishwashing detergent
water (to rinse)
Iron to press with
airbrush (optional)
Rit dye fixative ( on hand)

Will be updating you with a finished project using this fabric and also many other ideas on using this technique!

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  1. so cool You really love fabric. this is a labor of love!!