Monday, August 18, 2014

Who, Who, Who’s Got the Button

Who, Who, Who’s Got the Button!

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I love buttons and have hundreds of them. I also love birds and we won’t go there. I did make my project in memorial to a bird that was so beautiful. I got a call in the middle of the night about an Owl that had been struck by a car. I have been involved with pet bird rescue for years and can’t seem to get people to understand that I don’t do wild bird rescue but heck sometimes you just have to do what is right. So off I went.
He didn’t make it but I was so taken by his beauty that I made my button project to celebrate his beauty. My creation is not to made to be a copy but only a reminder of the beauty which is wild and free.
2014-08-13 23.59.39
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My Who Who Who has the Button was created with buttons and several items available from .
2014-08-14 00.01.01
Paper Towel Roll
Buttons for eyes and feet
Markers to color white buttons
Craftwell eBrush
handmade paper for chest feathers
baby ball trim available from AlteredPages
Wooden disc for stand
woven plastic from dog food bag
Doily Paper for eye rings from AlteredPages
Gold foil for beak
I had many of the items I used on hand but was so delighted that I had received the beautiful paper that had a doily design on it from AlteredPages. It made my project come to life!
First I cut a paper towel roll to make a pillow case out of one end.
I completed the “owl” body with another piece of roll cut down the middle and shaped into wings.
Next I used my eBrush to spray brown marker over the surface of the paper roll.
If you don’ t have an eBrush don’t worry just take your marker and lightly color it.
I selected several buttons to use to construct my “Owl”. Those that need to be in a specific color I used my on hand markers to tint them.
I love the design of doilies on this paper from AlteredPages for my Owl’s eye rings. They really do bring it all together!
I used the Baby Ball Trim from AlteredPages to really add some cool texture to my project. I also used an adhesive spray to cover the trim with the beautiful glitter from AlteredPages.
I had on hand some handmade papers that  I used to make the feathers on his chest. I am so happy with my outcome. I hope you enjoy my project and I am looking forward to seeing yours too!
Best of Luck with the Crafter Hoaders Challenge!


  1. Great up-cycle using the paper towel holder? Your owl is darling!!!

  2. Adorable, fabulously fun and wonderful upcycling! xx

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  8. Oh I love your little owl you created!!! It is adorable! I will have to try my hand at one for myself. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Absolutely fantastic! Loved seeing how you went about creating him. Thanks for hopping with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  10. Simply fabulous! Love buttons myself..great tutorial and stinkin cute!

  11. Love the story behind your project. We have a resident owl who comes around in the fall, he too is so beautiful and huge, a great horned owl.

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  13. Barbara used exactly the right word! - clever! Really clever use of materials!

  14. What a fun project! It made me laugh and smile all over my face! Great tutorial, too! Thanks so much for hopping with the Craft Hoarders Anonymous team this week!

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  17. Wow how creative and quite clever! Thanks for hopping with us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

  18. He is so stinkin' cute! I love how you added the ball fringe to his head - really makes it all come together.

    You are such a special person to rescue animals...even if he didn't make it at least he was loved during his final hours! Thank you!

  19. so clever and cute very unique owl and creative with button eyes and made of toilet tissue chipboard paper wow

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  21. excellent use of the paper towel roll! I love owls and this one is fabulous! xo

  22. Super adorable owl! That is sad he didn't make it. But I'm glad to know there are people like you out there reminding everyone about God's beautiful creatures.

  23. What a beautiful tribute to a fallen bird. And a great project that upcycled a paper towel roll, as well as your lovely buttons. Great job.

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  27. I love the toilet paper roll Owl♥ Amazing♥

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  29. Ohhh, yes! I love that doily design on the Altered Pages, too! Love the little owl. It amazes me how you took a paper towel roll and made it into this work of art! Great use of the button! I am a big bird lover, too, and my Dad was always bringing home stranded birds. We once had a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker lay an egg behind our sofa. An somewhere in this mess I have a newspaper clipping of me holding "my" hawk when I was about 5 years old.

  30. Thanks for showing us how you put the owl together, very nice. Love how you added the buttons for the owl's eyes. Thanks so much for joining Craft Hoarders Anonymous on this blog hop.

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