Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Party Trinket Box and Trinket Necklace!


Happy Valentines’ Day

I am so lucky to have my Challenge day fall on the most loving of all holidays. Valentines’ Day is a day for me to cherish all those that I care for. I love my family and friends and could see them all enjoying a wonderful evening together. I also will love when I can present them with their Valentines’ trinket gift and box.


I was so excited when I saw this great trinket box file. I could see all kinds of uses for it. Polly Pocket boxes for my little grand daughter, all kinds of stuff. I love it. You can get it at there are many cute designs and very reasonable files there.  You will also see my  heart ribbon necklace. I also love to create one of a kind pieces for my friends. This project was so much fun.


Peek-A-Boo Box Template

Card Stock - eCraft Diecutable Cardstock from The PaperMill Store

“Birds of a Feather” from Unity Stamps

Prismacolor Pencils from JoAnn's Fabrics

Colorbox Ink pad from Hobby Lobby

CraftwellUSA’s eCraft Personal Die Cutting System!

Adhesive  - 3L Adhesive

Sizzix heart embossing folder (wish I had the eBosser)

Shrinky Dink film from JoAnn's Fabrics

Ribbon from Joann’s Fabrics

Zing Heat Tool from CraftySteals (one of my favorites)

Glass Heart Sentiments from Local Dollar Store

I love to make unique items to share. So when this challenge arose I was thinking so hard I almost miss it. The first thing I created was my little box. I was so easy loaded my solid eCraft Diecutable Cardstock and was off.  I used my trusty eCraft to make quick work of cutting out my boxes. I folded them together and very quickly they were done. I am very happy with the design. The little box is designed like the old match boxes. The little drawer slides out and you can put so much inside. I also covered the hole with cellophane. To add to the finish.


I love the heart pattern that I embossed on it.

Next for my necklace, this was so easy to make and again I used my eCraft to cut it out. I used Shrink Dink film to produce the main charm. It shrinks 50 percent of its original size. I love this stuff it cuts so neatly in my eCraft. You cut it first and then take fine sand paper and gently buff it and then stamp it. You can use colored pencils on it, and or markers as well. I opted for stamping and coloring with my prismacolor pencils.


I worked on it till I was satisfied with the color. Next I took my Zing heat gun and watched it shrink. It was so cool. By the way make sure that you put your holes in it before you heat shrink it as it will crack if not. (how do I know this??) When it was cool, I placed jump rings on it and added my beads. I used a beautiful red ribbon to hang it on. I love the way that it turned out. I will be so excited to see my friends’ faces when they open their gift box…


I really enjoy making so much with my eCraft. The sky is the limit or at least your imagination is. Join me on a creative journey Please leave a comment and let me know about your creations. I would love to see them.

Happy Valentines’ Day to all!

Just remember this, “Will you be my Valentine?”

See you next week


  1. awwww sooo cute love them...

  2. What a clever idea for a necklace, TFS! Love your box too,can't wait to play with my e-craft!
    Have a great day!