Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love 4 Stamps: Preliminary Winners from the Sewing Blog hop

Hey everyone I am so happy to announce that the preliminary winners from the sewing hop have been selected. Please stay tuned tonight at 4 pm CST the MAIN WINNER will be announced. The one and only who will receive the fabulous eCraft. ;)
In no particular order:
Denise O'Connor~ Rebecca Germain
ScrappyZeni Pradel~Christel Bonner Young.
Debi Tullier~Susan Ayers
KimberlyRae Patrick Forde~Carol E
Crafty Sprouts~Amy E
Faith FreemanWinner~ Katrena
Rosa Ahrens~Jodi (no last name) jodimstanton@
Lyssa Beth Zimmerman~Sher @ ShersL84bed@
Raven Baca~Crissy McEntire

Just to refresh from the last hop the winners were...

Raven Baca ~Amanda from prhmangel at gmail dot com
Carley Carter ~Jessica from the creative stamper spot
Debi Tullier ~Tammy tammy dot schmitt at mac dot com
Denise O'Connor ~ Jessica Kubit
Erika Valdez~Ruthie from September ninth
Lyssa Zimmerman~Jeannie Phillips
Faith Freeman ~michelegreen120 at gmail dot com
KimberlyRae Forde ~VinDeeLoo
Rosa Ahrens ~ Judy
Zeni Pradel ~Corylyn from Sweet Lil' Scrapper

All of these preliminary winners will be entered into the grand prize drawing. Please keep watching tonight at 4PM CST!!!! ;) Thank you all so much for hoping along with us.

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