Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wow - New technique for Ecraft!

This was introduced to me by Raven! She bought those plastic cutting sheets from the Dollartree (two in one package for 1.00). I decided to try my hand at using it to cut fabric. I experimented with Basting spray on the cotton and it works!!!

I didn't put as much spray on the small piece to the left of the screen and it didn't work as well. But the other two strips worked great!

You will notice that I was able to cut one inch hearts and two inch flowers with no problem.

Now I used a 3 pressure setting and found it etched my plastic, I move the pressure to 2 and had minor etching. Remember though the cotton I used was very thin.

I however am delighted that I can cut fabric without freezer paper or heat bond. I find this less expensive than the other!

The results!


  1. wow this turned out really well. I was wondering if I could use starch to get the same effects. I'm not the biggest fan of freezer paper ironed on to my fabric. ;) Great job!!!!

  2. Wah!! I want an ECraft! My Cricut is awful at cutting fabric. Great tutorial, too!!
    BobbisTreasure at

  3. How cool!! This turned out awesome!! Love the tutorial!!